Zoysia Sod

Many homeowners regard a well cared-for Zoysia lawn as the most beautiful option for a Florida home.

Zoysia, also known as Zoysiagrass, is one of the different types of sod that looks great in a wide range of climatic and environmental conditions. It will require high maintenance to look its best but can thrive with minimal watering and mowing.

ColorGreen all year long
Look And Feel

Thin, straight leaves
Lush, dense coverage
Fine texture

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Maintenance Level
Moderately high:
  • Monthly mowing
  • Minimal but regular watering
  • Fertilize monthly
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VarietiesMore Info
Pests and DiseaseSome varieties susceptible to:
  • Sod Web Worms
  • Florida Bill Bug
Usage recommendations

High-end lawns
Child play area
Golf courses
High-traffic areas

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Slower growth rate
Hard for weeds to grow
Very wear-resistant
Adapted to wide range of soils

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How it looks and feels

Zoysia grass is soft to the touch, and has a beautiful green color. The lushness of a well-maintained Zoysia lawn feels nice under bare feet. It looks especially gorgeous for large, sprawling lawns.


  • Zoysia grass is suitable for most properties. It is adapted to a wide range of soils and sun conditions. It works for both inland and coastal areas.
  • It resists weeds. Because of Zoysia grass’s density, it tends to choke out other plants, including weeds.
  • It can take heavy wear. Zoysia grass is often the choice of golf courses and parks because it can handle heavy foot traffic and constant use without losing its beauty.

Maintenance level: moderate

You can mow Zoysiagrass less often than other grasses - as little as once a month, even in summer. Although it benefits from regular watering, it won't die if you don't irrigate it during the hot season.

To get a lush Zoysia lawn, you will need to fertilize it monthly, and irrigate frequently. You may also get a buildup of thatch - dead grass at ground level - which needs to be removed. Proper maintenance is crucial to protecting a Zoysia lawn from fungal patches, web worms, and the Florida billbug.

Zoysia grows very slowly, and may take several seasons to fully establish itself. This also means that when it is damaged or diseased, it can take a long time to recover and regrow. Planting from sod rather than seed is highly recommended.

Usage recommendations

Zoysia lawns are incredibly hardy. They will survive even the coldest winters in Florida, or the hottest summers. For residents who want a hardy lawn in the summertime, Zoysia is the ideal choice.

If your lawn is shady, you may be better off with St Augustine grass, which demands less sunlight.

The lush and hardy Zoysia is great for areas frequented by people. Children’s play areas, golf courses, and parks are places where Zoysia is a perfect fit. It’s great to stroll in or to picnic on. It retains its beauty throughout the year and is a likely choice for high-end lawns and sprawling estates.


Varieties of Zoysiagrass common to Florida include:

  • JaMur
  • Empire
  • Geo
  • Zeon
  • Diamond
  • El Toro
  • Emerald
  • Manilagrass
  • PristineFlora

There are many species of Zoysia with varying performance, establishment times, and pest or disease resistance.