Landscape & Hardscape Design Project

This is a customer who was looking to take a rough back yard and turn it into an amazing social space with a modern look.  He wanted to maximize his patio space to allow for a covered pergola and lots of room for furniture.  The fire pit was added with river rock around it to […]

Tips for Watering and Caring for Sod

Now that you’ve had your fresh sod installed, it is important to water your new sod and water it often.  After all, Florida experienced record high temperatures in 2017.  While the Florida heat may deter you from watering your new sod, don’t let that discourage you from doing so.  Follow these five tips for watering […]

Brown Lawn & How to Fix It

Once in awhile, you may see brown spots in your lawn for no apparent reason at all.  Brown spots are usually caused by dormant grass or fungus and while it may not look pretty, thankfully, it is temporary and can usually be fixed. What is dormant grass? Dormant grass is almost like hibernation for grass. […]

Enhance Your Ambiance with String Lighting

I know what you’re thinking: string lights are typically for the holidays.  While it is common to see string lights being used as Christmas decorations, they are becoming a popular option for permanent light fixtures.  Homeowners and business owners are looking to increase the ambience of their properties, and string lights are a great way […]

Landscaping – A Worthwhile Investment

Landscaping is, quite possibly, the most significant long-term investment that you can make in improving the overall value of your home.  Beyond pure aesthetics, a well designed landscape can improve privacy, reduce noise pollution, increase the security of a home and even save you money on your energy bills.   More than just adding   […]