Fertilizer 101: Keeping A Healthy Yard

Your soil supplies some of the nutrients that turfgrass needs. In some cases, fertilizer is necessary because your soil cannot supply the grass with all of the nutrients it requires to stay healthy and green over the years. But first of all, try not to use fertilizers and see how your turf reacts. In case […]

Drainage Problems From Central Florida Storms

Water pooling can occur for several reasons.  Water can accumulate in flat low-lying areas or in depressions.  Pooling may also occur because soil is highly hydric and retains water rather than allowing it to drain properly.  If pooling water begins draining toward the home it can become an even greater concern.  Pooling water can be […]

Central Florida Irrigation 101

Watering your lawn could be such a chore, but the worst thing you can do is forget to water and eventually kill your grass. You wouldn’t want to lose the splendor of a fresh green glass. Not only does it have a calming effect on the eyes but it also helps absorb water to avoid […]

DIY Tips for Simple Landscape Design Improvements

Do You Have a Boring Landscape? Add Some Character! When most people think of landscaping, they think of planting trees, shrubs, annuals and perennials.  Landscaping, however, encompasses your entire outdoor scheme, from greenery to gazebo.  Your stone pathway is as much a part of your landscape as the flower beds that decorate it’s sides. Outdoor […]

How To Increase Curb Appeal With Fertilizer

The key to having the lawn that will make you the envy of all your neighbors is fertilizer. Fertilizer is rich with nutrients that are not always found in soil, but are essential for your grass to be healthy. The three most important minerals that are in fertilizer are: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These ingredients give your soil the nutrients that it is missing in […]