Advantages of Sod Installation

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sod installation orlandoWhen it comes to establishing your Central Florida lawn, there are two options we have to grow sod. Those two options, depending on which type of turf you ultimately decide on, are seeds, plugs, or sod. The debate has been gone over time after time, but we want to make sure that everyone understands the advantages of sod installation vs. seeds and plugs.

First, sod installation saves you time and money. You may be thinking, "You can't tell me that it's cheaper for me to get sod instead of buying seeds or plugs at the hardware store." When we talk about saving money, we mean in the long run. Yes, you can probably buy many bags of seeds, but what about the cost of fertilizer, watering, and weed control? Frequently, households utilizing potable water for their irrigation systems are spending more money in water than they are spending on seed or plugs.

You'll ultimately spend more to grow the lawn from seeds and plugs than just having sod installed. In addition to the extended establishment process, it will take months at a minimum to establish seeds and plugs, whereas sod is immediate. Sod also prevents weed infestation and water runoff as well as providing soil stabilization to combat erosion.

Second, sod is a healthier product and leads to a dense lawn preventing weed infestation as mentioned above. Since sod is grown in a commercial setting, it receives constant maintenance at the farms. That maintenance consists of proper mowing, aeration, fertilization, fertilization, and insect and disease prevention, thus providing you with a healthier product on delivery.

If you're looking for the best solution for your landscape in Orlando and surrounding areas, make sure you use sod. Give us a call to find out how you can get professional results and a healthy lawn immediately. We offer all types of payments, including checks, cash, all credit cards, and offer interest deferred financing for 12 months as well.