Backyard Landscaping 101

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Backyard Landscaping 101If the front yard of your Florida house requires not necessarily a formal landscape, but a simple design that makes a nice welcome for you and your guests, the backyard gives some more room for you own creativity, and of course desires and necessities.

The backyard landscape focuses more on usable living space and is meant for relaxation, entertainment and living, all these being based on privacy as the most important factor.

The first thing you have to do before you actually start working on your landscaping is finding a theme that will suite your entire property, climate, money and time. Starting from the theme you can make your plan, taking into consideration the seasons. Take into consideration if your area usually has dry or wet weather, or if the summer is too hot and you require more care for your plants and more spaces to retreat from the burning sun. During the spring you might want to enjoy the flowers starting to blossom and having all types of colors in your garden, listening to the birds. Autumn should have the necessary plants that would provide the awesome autumn hue, while winter should have solid structures that would withstand the extreme cold. Also, the light is a very important factor, as it can impact not only the type of recreational areas and structures, but also the garden's positioning.

The main spaces that your should be planning are the utility ones (like garbage and equipment for cleaning and maintenance), the large structures as gazebo or different sheds, the recreational areas for children and not only and the entertainment spaces like patios, sitting, retreat or working spaces, pool, spa, etc. Depending on how much space and money you have, you can choose between all these and try to blend them together, making some different and practical zones for each type of structures. For children, you can choose between sand pits or tree house, while for the entire family you can add a barbecue area.

Don't forget, of course, to leave some space for garden and start choosing the type of plants you trees you want. You can go for seasonal flowers that are colorful and look great in the boundaries or central focal points of any landscape. Their problem is that they require some attention from your part as to replant each season; so, if you are too busy for that, it's better to choose annual, biennial or perennial plants.

The backyard should be more than just a patch of grass and it's a pity not to use this area for your own recreational pleasures. Always consider what you will be actually using the backyard for, to avoid spending money without use, and try to make it reflect your own tastes.