Be Smart About Weeding Your Lawn

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It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it, so they say. But there are some things you can do to make this chore a little less hard on your back, and a little easier. Knowing the smart ways to go about weeding your lawn and a few handy little tricks can help you keep it looking great and well maintained no matter what time of year it is. After all, you would probably like to have the time to actually enjoy the immaculate lawn that you've been working so hard at getting to where you want it without having to spend hours getting rid of those pesky weeds that come up. Here are a few helpful tips to help with lawn weed control in Florida.

lawn weed control

Before you break out the weed killer, it's always a good idea to water the lawn prior to- and here's why. By getting the soil around the roots of the weed moist, you not only encourage the weed killer to get down in there, but it also loosens their hold, making them much easier to remove. As the soil is moist and the roots are looser in the dirt itself, the weed killer goes further down to get the root as far down as it goes. It's always best also to keep your eyes open, any little weeds that you may think aren't going to matter- get them while they are small and young, because this will be much easier than removing a more matured weed.

Mowing your lawn frequently and often is also a way to keep weeds at bay. This is something most people do and do not realize that it actually has a big impact on the weeds themselves. Also, keeping your watering and fertilizing at a moderate rate will enable the turf itself to be healthier, thus preventing weeds from being able to really compete with the healthy grass.

Two time tested methods of dealing with weeds that pop up in annoying places, apart from your lawn itself are boiling water and vinegar. The first method, using boiling water, is done by pouring boiling water over the weeds themselves. Naturally, this works best with a smaller weed problem and not the larger, and generally is the course of action for those that are growing along the edges of your lawn or in the cracks of sidewalks and the like. Using vinegar is the same thing, just put it in a spray bottle and hit the roots of the weeds.

Of course the biggest and best tip is one of a year round care. Keeping your lawn beautified is a year round project, and something that, if you are properly weeding and maintaining as the year goes on, it will never become a huge issue to deal with. Make sure that you are paying attention as you mow, taking care of the weeds before they become a problem and you'll be able to keep your yard weed free, no matter what time of year.