Benefits of a Properly Installed Irrigation System

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Irrigation System InstallationMaking sure your landscape is healthy can take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes more than what many have, causing lawncare to fall by the wayside. Having to stand outside with a hose to water the lawn, or having to move the sprinkler around every so often and hoping that all areas of the lawn are getting water just adds to the hassle. So what could possibly solve this? A properly installed irrigation system!

There are so many benefits to having a professionally, properly installed irrigation system. Here are just a few:

Save on your water bill

Using a good irrigation system that is properly installed and set up delivers water to where your lawn needs it most. Gone are the days of wondering if your entire yard was watered and with that, if some parts were watered too much. With a proper irrigation system, you can be sure that your lawn will receive exactly the correct amount of water, no more and no less. It's also money back in your pocket. Many homeowners see huge savings on their water bill once they have a properly installed irrigation system.

Save time on lawn maintenance

With modern irrigation systems, many have timers. So you can set it, forget it, and still not worry about whether your lawn is going to get enough water that day. You won't have to deal with the blazing Florida heat in order to make sure your lawn stays lush and green. Instead, your lawn essentially takes care of itself. You can set your timer to any time of day (or night) to turn on. You'll not only have to not deal with the hassle of watering your lawn and garden on your own, but you'll also wind up with healthier plants that require less attention.

Enjoy a lush, greener landscape

Many of the latest, state of the art irrigation systems are designed to be eco-friendly. It's estimated that up to 70 percent of the water consumption in a household goes toward outdoor use, but with an irrigation system that is designed to conserve water, you're saving yourself money and saving the environment. There are systems that have soil moisture systems built in, so if the soil is moist enough or if it recently rained, the system will not go off. This ensures that your lawn is only watered as necessary and not overwatered.

Spend less time weeding

With a professionally installed Orlando irrigation system, you're ensuring that only the areas of your landscape that need to be hydrated are getting watered. This eliminates the risk that pesky weeds are getting watered and with that, growing and interfering with your landscape. Thanks to this, you'll spend less time weeding and more time enjoying your lawn.

When choosing an irrigation system, contact the irrigation experts at Groundsource at (407) 378-5366. We not only professionally install irrigation systems to keep your lawn green and healthy, but also repair existing irrigation systems. We will help you discover the best irrigation system to keep your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful while also helping you save money on your water bill!