Broken Sprinkler Line Indicators and Potential Causes

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'Sprinkler System TroubleshootingBroken sprinkler lines can be a beast to fix. Sometimes you don't know where the line is broken, and even more often, you don't know that the line is broken at all. Ground Source wants you to have a flawlessly running sprinkler system, and by proxy, a healthy lawn in Florida.

We believe that half of the battle is simply recognizing that there is an issue. Even if you don't suspect a problem with your system, it may be worth it to just keep an eye out for the following problems.

Two Big Indicators That Your Sprinkler System is Suffering

If you notice either of two indicators, or both, there is a very good chance that your sprinkler system is suffering from broken lines.

Wet Spots

If you notice that there are certain spots on your lawn that are particularly wet or more wet than they used to be, you probably have a damaged line underneath them. Leaking water will pool, puddle, and the ground soft near the break. These are all important symptoms to look out for. Mud is a telltale symptom as well.

Low Pressure

If you sprinkler system seems to be underperforming, or lacking the standard water pressure that you are used, this may indicate a break somewhere down the sprinkler line. This goes to show how just one break in a sprinkler line can set off a chain of problems down its path.

What causes sprinkler lines to break?


Animals chewing through sprinkler lines isn't super common, but it happens. The bigger problem is that if it happens once, it will probably happen again unless preventative measures are taken. When Ground Source does sprinkler repairs, if we do suspect an animal chewed through the line, we'll let you know, so we can prevent it from happening again.


Some sprinkler lines are intentionally made from more flexible plastics that allow them to bend and contour into place. Others are made of a thicker, harder plastic, that don't allow more much adjustment. In the event that you, a landscaper, or the settling of the earth should shift a sprinkler line of either variety, it may break. Flex line or not, all sprinklers lines can break under the right amount of stress.

Tremendous Weight

During construction, moving, or any other scenarios in which there might be heavy objects or materials on your lawn, it is entirely possible that the given weight can break your sprinkler lines. Sprinkler lines are made from very durable and strong plastics, however they are not indestructible.


Some sprinkler systems and lines are just flat out old. Sometimes broken sprinkler lines are just the product of a normal life of wear and tear. If you find that this is the only probable cause for your broken lines, you may just want to replace the whole system. Do this before a similar problem pops up in another zone, if it's not already there.


It's hard to be completely mindful of sprinkler lines when digging holes, trenches, or planting flowers. This is especially the case during construction. It is very common for homeowners to break sprinkler lines while gardening, and even more common during any kind of home construction product.

If you think your lawn might be suffering from a broken sprinkler line, call Ground Source at (407) 378-5366. Ground Source specializes in Orlando sprinkler repair and irrigation installation.