How to Build the Perfect Backyard for Barbecues

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Summertime is synonymous with backyard barbeques and it's just not summer without them but what do you do, as the commercial says, The moment you realize the perfect backyard party requires a perfect backyard and you don't have one? Well, obviously, you make some changes and here are some suggestions for how to build the perfect backyard.

Naturally, you need a great grill and guest list but this is far from all you need. After all, you want all your guests to be comfortable, entertained, and fed some fantastic summertime barbeque staples.


best backyard barbecue ideas1. Prepare the yard. It is best to plan ahead and start prepping the barbeque space the weekend before; if you wait until the weekend off, you simply will not have enough time to get it all done and enjoy your own party. Mow the yard and rake or bag the clippings; if your grass grows extremely fast and you are worried about too much growth in a week, lower the blade one notch for a shorter-than-normal cut or cut two or three days before. Later sunsets offer time after work to get this done if need be.

Weed and trim the flower beds as needed and spray the yard with pest-repellant to keep the flies and mosquitoes down. Nothing ruins a good party faster than bugs so plan on some citronella candles and some torches, especially if you are entertaining in the evening or day into night. If you have a pool, make sure to clean out any trash and add chemicals if necessary.

2. Make sure to have plenty of seating or specify that guests should bring a chair and place seating groups in shady areas of the yard. If your yard is lacking in the shade department, consider purchasing and/or erecting some canopies or even beach umbrellas for an extra cover that can be moved as the sun moves around the yard. Space seating groups near enough to encourage mingling amongst the guests instead of having isolated groupings and direct people to seats nearby people they know or have things in common with so no one feels left out.

3. The menu. It is a good idea to include a section on your invite for people to express menu preferences and/or special diet restrictions or limitations. If your menu involves specialty items that require people to be on time such as steaks and/or seafood, be sure to include a specific mealtime to encourage people to come by this time so these items can be served at peak flavor and guests aren't disappointed should they arrive late. Regardless, some people will arrive late for one reason or another, so be sure to have plenty of backup food such as burgers and hotdogs so no one goes hungry.

Comfort and Safety

best backyard barbecue ideasIf your party goes into the evening and the bugs begin to take over, a great thing to have available is a screened-in area. These can be a screened back porch, gazebo, or screened pool house. Even if you cannot offer all guests a spot because of the size of your guest list, there will be some space available for people to rotate away from the pests for a time.

Plan on some intimate areas where small groups of guests can have a quiet place to chat or just slip away from the noise of the group for awhile. A garden arbor with benches or a swing is a great spot, as is a group of comfortable chairs in a shady corner.

Naturally, your guests will need access to restrooms and some may need to take advantage of the air conditioning if it is extremely hot outdoors so placing your grill or outdoor kitchen area next to a door near the kitchen and perhaps a powder room is ideal.

The Main Attraction

Of course, you cannot have a great barbeque without a great grill so invest in one that matches your entertainment style. If you like small intimate parties, a smaller grill may be in order but look for one with all the features you need like side burners, bun warmers, and upper racks for two-tier cooking. If your philosophy is the more the merrier and you like to invite everyone in the neighborhood, all your coworkers, and your bowling league you might even want to look into something like an event grill so you can put out more food faster.

A great grill needs a great grill space and a brick pavers patio in Orlando is just what you need to complete your outdoor entertainment space. Orlando outdoor living is a great thing and a beautiful backyard can serve your outdoor entertainment needs for years to come with beauty and function.