Brown Lawn & How to Fix It

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Once in awhile, you mproperty with a brown lawnay see brown spots in your lawn for no apparent reason at all. Brown spots are usually caused by dormant grass or fungus and while it may not look pretty, thankfully, it is temporary and can usually be fixed.

What is dormant grass?Dormant grass is almost like hibernation for grass. It usually happens when there is a period of drought and grass will appear healthy once water is plentiful. However, it is possible to have too?much water, especially if your thatch is over half an inch thick. The thatch is like a sponge, in the sense that it soaks up water that should be going to the roots instead. If the thatch is always wet, there is a chance that fungi can grow and cause your lawn to go brown. Here are some steps to take to fix your brown lawn.


How to fix your brown lawn

Here are some tips to keep your lawn from going brown.

  1. Aerate and dethatch your lawn occasionally to prevent fungus from growing.
  2. Irrigate your lawn. Most grass is sensitive to watering, so it is important to know how much is too much or too little when you water your lawn. While an inch of water per week is enough for most lawns, it is ok to increase the water temporarily during the hot summer months in order to prevent the grass from drying out. At Groundsource, we have lawn irrigation experts that are highly knowledgeable and are available to make sure that your irrigation system is suitable for your lawn.
  3. Test your soil. Make sure to test your pH levels as they are an important component to keeping a healthy lawn. Test the pH levels during any weather and climate changes and before applying any fertilizer.
  4. Remove weeds from your lawn. While grass may go dormant, weeds will still grow. It is important to remove weeds as they will take nutrients and water from the grass that you are trying to revive.

By following these tips, you should be able to get your grass green again in no time. If you need irrigation services to properly water your lawn, feel free to contact our irrigation experts for your irrigation needs.