Celebration Sod Installation

celebration-sod-installationFor the new Central Florida resident, you might be looking for that little perfect town to settle down. Look no further than Celebration. First established by the Walt Disney Company, it was designed to be that town where you imagine your kids running down the street safely and happily. Celebration turned 20 years old in 2014, and it?s still a top destination for future residents and tourists alike. With such a picturesque town, you need a sod installation company that understands how to create a presentable yard. That?s where we come in.

When it comes to sod installation, you can?t beat Ground Source. We install several varieties of sod all over Central Florida, including Celebration, and our sod has resulted in several ?Best Lawn? winners. We also provide sod removal to take that old tired grass out and put in a new fresh blanket of sod. And the best part for you in Celebration: you don?t pay a single penny until the job is done AND you?re satisfied. There isn?t another sod installation company for 100 miles to promise you something like that.

All of our Celebration sod installation work includes an offer for a warranty good for 30 days. If there?s something wrong, we fix it free of charge. We are fully insured, we offer personal service from the first day we step on your property until you are happy with the results, and we answer all of your questions about sod removal and installation. So what are you waiting for? Call Ground Source today at (407) 378-5366 for more information.

celebration-florida-sod installation

And don?t forget to ask us about our landscape design and irrigation installation services as well.