Central Florida Irrigation 101

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Watering your lawn could be such a chore, but the worst thing you can do is forget to water and eventually kill your grass. You wouldn't want to lose the splendor of a fresh green glass. Not only does it have a calming effect on the eyes but it also helps absorb water to avoid floods from rains.

So when should you irrigate your lawn? Well, that actually depends upon where you live. Do you live in a cool climate, or a dry climate? Generally, it's always best to water your lawn during the mornings; some people actually have automatic sprinklers that you can set to water your needy grass. But watering too much can actually drown the grass and other plants growing around it.

Make sure that when you do irrigate, it's during the morning or early evenings. Watering your lawn during high noon might be a waste of water and energy. Not only does the heat of the sun evaporate the water easily, but it could also be bad for your skin.

A lot of skin cancers, freckles and sun burns come from sun exposure during peak hours of the sun's heat. On cloudy days some people is left with the assumption that the harmful UV rays can't reach them. This however is not true.

You can actually save money by irrigating your lawn or garden during the best time. Before 8 o'clock in the morning would do. The sun's rays won't be too hot, and the cool air would help in the soil absorption keeping your lawn at optimum health which is lush and green.

But in cases where you have extreme heat or extreme cold, always consider these weather factors when it comes to irrigation. Also take into consideration what you're watering, because some plants and flowers need much water while others aren't as high maintenance.