Changing Seasons Brings Problems For Orlando Irrigation

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Our Florida seasons bless us with plenty of rain and optimal growing conditions for the tropical plants dramatic changes from warm to cool to warm require adjustments to keep your Orlando landscape in peak condition. that all Floridians love. But suddenly we hit the Florida Winter which although is not as cold as the rest of the country, rain nearly stops. Many people think the simple solution is to just increase the amount of irrigation, but the unpredictable temperatures and the occasional cold?

snap make maintaining your landscape even more challenging.

Cooler temperatures also mean that the need to water is reduced, even with the air being dryer! So be careful not to over water, or you could be facing even larger problems for your lawn. Over-watering can cause mildew, attracts pests, and root-rot. One sure fire way to ensure you are watering your yard correctly is to get your irrigation system checked or upgraded to an electronic controller that accounts for changes in seasons and even daylight savings time.

Preparation for our Orlando landscape dry season starts in the summer! You should have a

sustainable and ecological fertilizer program up and running well in advance, which will ensure your plants have strong deep roots that can sustain the dry season. Without such a program in place, your shallow roots will be more susceptible to the dry season.

Mulching during the summer helps your plants year round. Mulching during the wet season
helps add organic matter to the soil. As the mulch and soil are both consistently wet in the summer, the mulch will slowly break down and add nutrients into your soil, that can be used by your plants year round. This process takes time so having your landscape properly mulched during the rainy season you are improving the soil for the dry season.

We at Ground Source have been doing this for years, and are experts in Orlando irrigation, so if you want to make sure your yard will stay in top shape throughout the winter give us a call?