Clermont Sod Delivery and Installation

Clermont sod delivery and installationIf you want to make your grass look better, then you should contact us as we offer sod delivery and installation for your Clermont home. If you would like to install the sod yourself, we would be more than happy to deliver the fresh grass to your home so you can do so.

We understand that our clients have different needs and how much effort and maintenance they want to put into their yard, so we offer a plethora of sod choices to meet these needs. We always deliver fresh sod the day it is cut so you do not have to worry about it being dry or dead before you get to install it. Of course, it is recommended that you install it the day it is delivered.

Variety of Sod Offered

See below for the types of sod we offer.

  • Zoysia Sod ? The two different varieties of Zoysia include Jamur and Empire. This sod is considered high maintenance and requires monthly mowing, regular watering and monthly fertilizing. This sod is green year-round and creates a lush and dense coverage. It is intended for high-traffic areas, high-end lawns, golf courses or child play areas.
  • St. Augustine Sod ? There are six varieties of St. Augustine including Bitterblue, Floratam, Captiva, Palmetto, Seville, and Sapphire. This sod is considered moderately high maintenance and requires weekly mowing, regular watering, and fertilizing 2 to 6 times a year. This sod offers dense coverage and has a coarse texture. It is recommended for lawns which need good coverage but not heavy wear or shady areas.
  • Artificial Turf ? This is synthetic turf that is eco-friendly, long-lasting and looks natural. With this type of turf, it requires zero maintenance and is good for yards, playgrounds, athletic fields, golf courses, putting greens, driving ranges, and or dog runs.Clermont sod delivery and installation
  • Centipede sod ? This sod is dense and does well in the Florida heat. It is slow growing and requires little maintenance. It is not ideal for high-traffic areas or near the beach.
  • Argentine Bahia Sod ? This sod is very low maintenance and can survive off rainwater alone. It is susceptible to bare spots and weed growth and is typically used for areas that may be prone to erosion or easement areas.
  • Celebration Bermuda Sod ? This sod has moderate maintenance. It does not require frequent watering, but it should be mowed every week during the summer. This sod is dark green is ideal for high traffic areas.
  • Tifway 419 Sod ? This sod is high maintenance and can be typically found on high traffic areas or golf course.

Maintaining Your new Sod

If you want us to install the sod after we deliver it, we can also take care of this for you. Before we deliver the sod, we will work in your yard to ensure it is properly prepared and ready for the installation of the new turf. This may include using Roundup to kill what is currently in your yard and using the appropriate tools to remove it from your yard. We will then use special tools to ensure the area is graded correctly and ready for the placement of the new sod.

If your sod is considered high maintenance and needs to be watered on a schedule, it may be a?good idea to have a sprinkler system or irrigation system installed. We can also take care of this for you as we know how to calculate zones based on the size of the yard as well as water pressure. We will discuss this with you to see if this is something which would benefit you and save you time. It may change your mind on what type of sod you want as it will make watering your new turf easier.

Of course, you can also install the irrigation system yourself. If you are more of a do it yourself type, there are several tutorials as well as websites on how to do this correctly. Once this has been done, you are ready to either install the sod or have us do it for you.

Caring for Your Sod

Clermont sod delivery and installation

Once the new sod has been installed, you will need to ensure you know how to take care of it. If you do not do this correctly, you may cause the sod to die which will result in you spending more money having it replaced.

After we have delivered and installed the sod, you will be able to enjoy it for many years. Depending on what sod you choose, it will either be high or low maintenance and will have a look and feel you were hoping for.

So, if you are looking for installation of delivery of fresh sod, you should contact us today as we guarantee what we deliver.

Contact us for sod delivery and installation for your home!