Common Lawn Irrigation and Sprinkler Mistakes

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Your irrigation system provides the life of your lawn, so it's important that you have a licensed professional check any problems you might have with your sprinklers. Your outdoor sprinkler system is as complicated as plumbing and you don't want to work with anything that complicated without the proper knowledge base. Unfortunately, some people still try to take on the challenge themselves. That can lead to more costly problems down the line.

Here are some examples of common mistakes that the uninformed homeowner could do (and some have done):

  • Putting different types of irrigation heads on the same irrigation zone. Does this sound like something you've done? Having different heads leads to dry spots in the zone, which leads to running the zone longer to water all areas in that zone, which leads to you spending more money on water than you need to.
  • Setting your irrigation head zones too far apart. All irrigation heads have a maximum throwing distance that they can reach. For a complete watering of your lawn, you want to make sure you have head-to-head coverage, and far too often, we hear of those who think they save by keeping the zones separated by more than they should. All you'll get is a poorly watered lawn, an overstressed irrigation system, and a larger water bill.
  • Forgetting a rain shutoff device. We live in the Sunshine State, but we still get our fair share of rain. Thanks to technology, a huge time and money saver is a device that shuts off your irrigation system when it rains. In fact, some areas may even require these by law.

These are some of the most common mistakes that can occur with a DIY installation. The best way to counter any kind of errors like these and others is by having a licensed and skilled irrigation specialist to review your yard, find the best arrangement and design, and install it properly. In the long run, you will ultimately save hundreds or even thousands of dollars by having it done right. And the best place to get it done right is with Ground Source. Give us a call today.