Create Privacy Using Landscape Design

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orlando landscape designAt Ground Source, we have created some excellent landscape designs all around Orlando. What's interesting is the different reasons that a client might want a new landscape design. Some may be looking to raise the value and look of their home; some got tired of looking at their old look. Recently, we had a client who wanted to add some privacy to their backyard.

In Orlando, many homeowners have swimming pools and big backyards for kids and pets to play. There are also many great golf communities where the back windows look at putting greens and sandtraps. Whatever or wherever, there are plenty of reasons to add privacy to your home. And a landscape design from Ground Source can be a big part of that.

The first thing to consider is what kinds of plants you'd like in your yard. If privacy is one of your main focuses, we can look into a variety of bushes and hedges to go along your property line. The great thing about using hedges is that they often don't have HOA restrictions the way fences might. They also grow quickly, so you can find yourself with a nice barrier pretty quickly.

You could so get certain types of perennials that grow to different heights to give your yard a layered look while also providing some privacy. There are plenty of evergreen trees as well, plus some that have large, broad leaves that give that extra hard to see through quality to them. These deciduous trees can occasionally get as tall as 60 feet, obscuring a neighbor's view from the second story.

When you're thinking about a new landscape design for your Orlando home, remember to think about function as well as aesthetics. Having a nice new landscape design brings life to any home, and we're sure you'll like to show it off. Of course, when it comes to family and your home, privacy is often paramount. Find out how your landscape design can be a valuable tool in maintaining your privacy today.