Creating a Florida Friendly Landscape

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Orlando Landscape DesignCreating landscape designs for Orlando (well, Florida in general) is somewhat different from the rest of the country because of the vast range of climate conditions we have. Because of that, it's worth considering creating a Florida-friendly landscape. That means that you have low-maintenance plants installed and use environmentally-sustainable practices in your yard.

There are several benefits that the homeowner choosing to have a Florida-friendly landscape enjoys. For one thing, it helps to save you some time and money. Picking plants that naturally thrive and maintain themselves in Florida means you don't need to spend the time or the money on maintaining them. Nature takes its course for you. You also avoid using pesticides or fertilizers that could harm you, your family, your pets, or the environment, and you often times don't need extra watering, conserving our freshwater resources.

On top of all of the environmental benefits, there are also many municipalities that offer credits for those who choose to move over to a Florida-friendly landscape design. Central Florida cities like Orlando, Deland, and Kissimmee have city green initiatives that include credits and fee reductions for residents who take the challenge of creating a more sustainable yard around their home.

So what do you need for a Florida-friendly landscape? It's pretty involved, and there are several directions you can go as far as the look and themes of your landscape. Our landscape designer has years of experience to help you choose the right plantlife to occupy your Florida-friendly landscape design. There are several ferns, flowers, and trees that fit Florida's climate, and a professional landscape designer can help you find your way.

To learn more about Florida-friendly landscapes, visit here. And to get your own Florida-friendly landscape design for your Orlando home, call Ground Source.