Three Critical Accessories Your Landscape Plan Needs

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Landscape accessories are a great approach to enhancing an attractive landscape design and while they may not meet a rational need, they can add identity and magnificence to your landscape design.

When establishing the ideal accessories for your yard, we recommend you consider the entire landscape design as well. If you're uncertain about how to incorporate the accessories, Orlando landscape design will help you select accessories that will leave you feeling great and pleased with your design.

Furthermore, they won't overwhelm your landscape. If you've run out of ideas, here's a list of accessories you should consider.

Landscape Lighting

Central Florida Hardscape ExampleMost homeowners don't realize that exterior lighting is just as important as interior lighting. While lighting can be one of the most crucial facets of landscape design, we find that a number of people often overlook it or leave it undone.

If you're seeking an efficient solution, Orlando landscape installation will enhance the beauty and safety of your yard while creating a celebratory mood for entertaining. Exterior lighting is stunning and can certainly improve the feel and look of your backyard.

However, appearance isn't the only reason you should consider the accessory. Remember, numerous accidents that occur in the backyard are frequently the result of improper illumination. Therefore, landscape lights can serve various needs from allowing you to walk safely down a path during the night to offer a place where you can spend time with family after work and school.

Landscape lighting goes beyond shining some light up a tree or at a walkway. Our landscape experts actually employ lighting techniques to attain the desired effect during Orlando landscape renovations. Depending on your needs, we'll produce ambiance with the lights or accent your home's architecture instead of the walkways, patios, or trees.

Bear in mind that lighting gives you the opportunity to highlight architectural elements such as columns or pillars and with a beautiful home, it's at times more efficient to light the architecture instead of the trees.

We can also pull elements from the architecture and bring them into your architecture to allow for the integration of your home and landscape. If you're uncertain about landscape lighting, our professional tips will help you make informed decisions.


Many of us have either seen or walked on pavers at some point in our lives. However, numerous people don't understand the benefits besides the bricks' visual appeal. While they provide the apparent visual upgrade, they have several other benefits.

We recommend you include them for driveways and walkways because they enable different colors, styles, and shapes for the creation of unique patterns, making a paver walkway or driveway an aesthetic and functional addition. We have a team that can include pavers to your design in an efficient manner. Furthermore, we provide 2-year warranties and cover defects in workmanship and materials on all hardscapes.

One of the reasons you should consider paving is protection. Beware that surfaces that haven't been paved are vulnerable to the elements. That is, wind and rain will affect a sandy surface, and this can be a nightmare to fix.

Weathering can be dangerous even to different structures, for instance, walls and pools. As the soil washes away gradually, the compromise of these structures may arise, posing a safety risk. Once we fit paving stones to the region around your swimming pool and your home's outer walls, you can be assured that the areas will be well protected.

Another advantage of pavers is their non-slip tendency traits, unlike concrete. This is because of their coarse texture, which decreases the slipping feeling when wet. Furthermore, paved surfaces are cheaper in terms of maintenance and will last several years.

Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor kitchens are increasingly becoming one of the latest trends in landscaping projects and with good reason. They're fun, easy to use, and great for entertaining. Perhaps you've been considering one for your backyard but aren't sure if it will be a good fit. We recommend its inclusion for various benefits, including:

Various design options

A wide range of options is accessible for incorporating an outdoor kitchen into your landscaping. For instance, we can include roasting pits, stovetop-style burners, and counters. The design options are simply restricted by your imagination and budget.

Reduction of utility bills

The more you cook on your charcoal or propane grill, the less you'll spend on gas and electricity bills throughout summer.

The appropriate accessories can add personality and charm to your outdoor environment. Just remember, less is better. Otherwise, you'll have a less creative and cluttered yard.