Curb Appeal is Key – Why Property Management Companies Hire Ground Source

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Landlords and property managers have one goal: to rent units. From apartments to condos and everything in between, you have a big job ahead of you. While you can put a lot of work into your units, one of the most important things to remember, is that first impressions matter, and the first impression isn't going to be the building's interior. Ultimately, it's the front lawn that makes a difference. What do people see when they pull up to the curb of your property, and how will that affect their final decision?

First Impressions Matter in Land Management

Appeal-- It's true that your property needs to have a certain appeal if you plan to attract potential residents and you might be surprised at how many things they inspect: the lawn, the bushes, the condition of the orlando seat wallpavement and even the hardscaping. The better your lawn looks,the better your occupancy rate will be. Remember, you could have the most amazing interiors and the latest amenities, but if you don't have curb appeal, possible tenants might not even make it in the door resulting in fewer rentals.

Retention If you want to be a successful property owner and landlord then you need to be able to retain your current tenants,and this requires you to make sure that your property looks good both inside and out. When your tenants look out at their yard, they want to feel good about it; they want to see amazing hardscaping and know that it's going to stay amazing. While they don't necessarily always consider that a professional company created it, they will appreciate it nonetheless.

Attracting new renters and retaining old ones is a key factor in making sure that you have a great business especially as a landlord; ultimately your attention to detail and willingness to invest in the exterior aesthetic of your lawn can lead to you reaping massive financial benefits.

Produce Financial Benefits from Your Landscaping Efforts

You may have heard that adding great landscaping to your property creates a greater ROI or Return on Investment and this is true in many ways. In the preceding paragraphs, we mentioned that you would get more renters and even retain your current ones from having excellent curb appeal, but there is a strong chance that you will also see a significant rise in property value.

The value of your property is not an imaginary number or a guestimate; your local government handles this, and a quick check with your local tax assessor's office can tell you exactly how much your property is worth. The exact increase depends on your area, desirability and a few other factors. For example, some properties may see an 80 percent increase while others will only see a marginal improvement and curb appeal can be a significant factor in seeing a higher percentage. Some individuals even check the overall property value of a given area before they decide to move in. By keeping your landscape beautiful you contribute to the value of the neighborhood, helping yourself and everyone around you. The financial benefits of maintaining your lawn outweigh any investment you have to make to keep it looking great.

Ground Source A Veteran Florida Landscaping Company

When it finally comes down to improving your landscape your first instinct will be to Google landscaping companies, and many make the mistake of choosing the first result in the list. Remember, this is your lawn, you want it to look great, and that means choosing an experienced company like ours. Here at Ground Source, we have been in the business for more than a decade. Now you might be wondering, what it is that sets us apart from nearly any other contractor on the market today and why should you choose us. Well, let us tell you.

  • Sod Installation Second to None

Companies that perform great sod installation are rare; what you see, and what goes on behind the scenes can contrast each other greatly. The sod itself, for example, is often a point of contention between different companies as some find it easier to increase efficiency by harvesting the sod early and laying it on pallets. This, however, can lead to dry spots in the soil and even nutritional deficiencies. It may not be something that you notice right away but sod that has been laying on a pallet for weeks on end can develop serious problems later in its life cycle. At Ground Source we defy this practice by harvesting sod directly from the field shortly before installation.

  • Old Sod Removal Done with Care and Efficiency

Before new sod can be installed the old needs to be removed and that means killing off every part of the lawn. If you already have irrigation heads installed, they will be flagged, and your property will be graded. Another thing that really sets us apart from other companies is the level of our grading. Unlike our competitors, we grade your yard to below your concreted edges which means that the sod will sit flush with the sidewalk or parking lot. While this might seem like a small difference, it means that you have a congruent and seamless transition between your concrete surfaces and your grass turf. This is another small factor that leads to huge curb appeal.

  • Experts on the Area

Hiring a landscaping company orlando outdoor livingis easy but hiring one that knows the area can make all the difference in the world. The climate of Florida is different than most parts of the United States with the area closer to Miami often described as tropical. Florida does maintain a fairly steady temperature year-round,but there is just enough nuance that a seasoned professional is needed to predict the changes and prepare the landscape accordingly. At Ground Source we have become a leading expert on the Florida climate and the greenery found within the state, and we continue to grow our knowledge every single year.

  • Better Irrigation

If this is the first time that you have had a sod installation performed or landscaping of any kind, an irrigation system will help greatly to keep the lawn evenly watered. In an area like Orlando where the weather can be unpredictable, it helps to have a system that can keep up with the watering requirements. Our company employs some of the greatest experts in the field whether you are having it installed for the very first time or are simply calling for maintenance.

Let Ground Source Bring Your Property to Life

When potential renters look at your property it will say something to them, but what message are you looking to convey? If you want to send a message of health and comfort to potential renters the best way to do so is with a lush, green lawn. Additionally, a healthy lawn also creates better air circulation, making your residents feel more comfortable and even more importantly, making them feel proud of their home. Raise your curb appeal and bring your property to life.

Check back next week as we explore the art of planting grass, the right time of year, and the environmental factors that can affect it. Building the perfect lawn is never easy but having the right knowledge can put you light years ahead.