Designing a Beautiful and Functional Backyard

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Do you have a huge yard space or possibly a small patio area that only accommodates an outdoor dining table? There's nothing like owning a stunning home with unusable and unattractive outdoor spaces.

Fortunately, our Orlando backyard ideas will help you design a beautiful and functional landscape. Keep in mind that that turning an outdoor space into a spectacular, fully functional, and luxurious space takes careful planning and extensive research.

In most cases, there might be no turning back in the design stage, so you would rather involve professionals from our landscape design company in Orlando.

At times, a backyard could use some improvement before it becomes the ideal place to enjoy a weekend and chill out. These changes could range from a simple furniture rearrangement to a complete overhaul. If you're ready to have an inviting backyard, consider these tips.

Creating Spaces

Orlando Backyard IdeasWe recommend you think of your backyard as your home's extension, split into separate spaces or rooms. This enables you to allocate individual functions to every section, break up an open space's monotony, and produce interesting variation from one space to another. When you hire us, we'll achieve this with the use of flower beds, retaining walls, small fences, or hedges.


Whether you have a small and intimate space or a huge and spacious one, split your backyard space into various zones for the different activities you have in mind. For instance, our Orlando landscape renovations will involve marking the location and boundaries for the seating area, outdoor kitchen, eating table, TV enclosure etc.

When marking off these zones, we'll ensure your friends or guests sitting around the fire will view a lovely landscape. At times, a simple fence might ruin the natural landscape's beauty. Therefore, we'll plan in such a manner that the individual zones complement one another.

During the early design phase, it's important you obtain a clear picture of the walkway space and layout between the zones. Consider marking off the outlines with spray paint for clear demarcation.

Focal Points

Focal points are a way of drawing the eye towards the areas you wish to emphasize in your backyard. We recommend one or two points, for instance, huge ornate trees, fireplaces, water features, or fire pits. Once these points are in place, the remainder of the design will develop organically around them.

Design a Protected Space Outdoors

Incorporating pergolas, a gazebo, or awning could help you remain shaded and protect your outdoor room against natural disruptions. You'll also discover they're a welcome escape from the sun's rays during hot summer days while improving your backyard's appearance.

If you enclose them by airy curtains, they'll provide privacy and allow for intimacy creation. In hot regions, mist sprays or an overhead fan are great features for cooling the space. If you live in a colder region, we recommend heat lamps, a fireplace, or fire pit to warm up the area.

If you intend to install an outdoor grill beneath a structure, ensure you permit enough clearance space between the ceiling and grill for ventilation. If you decide to have a pergola, we could include translucent fiberglass to protect the area from rain without obstructing the light.

Outdoor Lighting

Orlando Backyard IdeasOutdoor lighting plays a significant role in setting the mood and producing the appropriate ambiance. Moreover, it magnifies the decor, for instance, emphasizing water feature and improves safety when it comes to staircases, walkways, and grilling areas.

For an outdoor kitchen, our professionals might include lighting beneath the countertop to add a great tailored lighting accent. Installing accent lighting beneath your gazebo will also set the mood once the sun sets.

Apply Hardscaping Features

Hardscaping ideas can comprise features like a brick tract across the garden, a concrete treated patio, or a wood porch. Any of these can create privacy and structure for your backyard irrespective of the size of backyard you wish to transform.

Keep in mind that things related to hardscaping are considered artworks. Our reputable landscapers will highlight your outdoor space skillfully, so don't hesitate to contact us.


Gas, water, and electrical are necessary for having a fully functional backyard, so you must consider them during the initial design phase. Recognizing the connection points when considering the positioning of your outdoor TV, outdoor kitchen, and fire pit are crucial. If you wish to use a fire pit and grill, you must consider the gas and pressure line carefully.

If you're seeking a functional and impressive backyard, these design ideas will you create your desired outdoor space.