Three Tips for Designing your Front Walkway

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When it comes to front yard landscaping, walkways play an important role. After all, a stunning walkway will improve your home's curb appeal considerably and offer a way for you and your visitors to get to the front door. You'll also want your walkway to look great because it functions as your home's entrance.

We find that some people often overlook walkways as a place to enhance design yet they can make your walkway more welcoming besides increasing resale value.

If you find that your walkway is seemingly dull, perhaps you should contact Orlando brick paver installers for a transformed look. These tips will also help you design an appealing front walkway.

1. Paver Installations

3 Front Walkway IdeasIf you've noticed excess yard space that's lacking in design, then you know how boring it can be. Furthermore, you'll have a difficult time getting thrilled about outdoor entertainment if you don't put the appropriate features in place. Fortunately, we can design the ideal pathway to meet your yard's size and needs.

Our Orlando brick paver driveway will not just enhance your home's aesthetic. You'll also gain practical benefits. We can complete the job in a comparatively short period, with minimal or no disturbance to your ordinary schedule.

When it comes to the installation of a new walkway, you have numerous options. Here's a list of benefits you can expect from including our brick pavers.


Pavers are available in various styles, enabling you to produce a simple and elaborate look as you would like. They're accessible in numerous colors than concrete, resulting in improved curb appeal.


Pavers are great for areas that generate high traffic such as the front walkway or driveway because they're highly durable. Beware that concrete tends to crack, resulting in costly repairs over time. Pavers, on the other hand, hold their color better and move with the earth, enabling the driveway to remain intact.


You'll be happy to know that Orlando brick pavers cost will help you save compared to what you'd pay for concrete. When damage occurs to your concrete walkways, you must re-pour the whole area whereas you can simply lift out and replace brick pavers when they're damaged. They're also less susceptible to staining and other kinds of permanent damage.


The surface of brick pavers is more abrasive compared to poured concrete, making them safer to walk on when wet. When you use them around a pool area, they make this space considerably safer.

Multiple colors and patterns

Pavers come in various colors, allowing you to choose those that compliment the general landscape design and home's paint color. Our professionals can also arrange paving stones in various patterns and shapes.

2. Retaining Wall

3 Front Walkway IdeasA sloped property can have some benefits and numerous people favor a property's aesthetic where the grounds aren't totally flat. However, problems can arise, particularly when it comes to erosion and rain. Remember, sloping properties can result in flooding and debris collection beneath the property. You want a presentable home, so you'll enjoy the benefits from Orlando retaining wall.

If you've always desired a patio but know that it wouldn't work with your property's gradient, then the installation of a retaining wall will give you the ideal space for the entertainment area outdoors.

You can also use retaining walls for installing swimming pools or producing resort-style terraces that can function as flowerbeds. Some of the benefits you can expect from a retaining wall include:

Easy maintenance and durability

Retaining walls are low maintenance, particularly with good construction. Once we build it to your liking, you can simply leave it alone. Retaining walls that constitute natural materials, for instance, rocks can tolerate harsh weather as well.

Define entertainment areas

You can produce a dramatic getaway by highlighting your entertainment spaces or outdoor kitchen with a retaining wall. To produce a natural flow, you can match your chosen paving stones with those you have used already in other yard areas.

3. Lighting

Walkway lights have numerous purposes, for instance keeping your landscaping features and your guests safer in addition to enhancing your yard's visual appeal. The key is selecting the suitable path lights to ensure appropriate illumination and a complementary look to your landscaping. Here's why we recommend walkway lights:

Improve Visual Appeal

Outdoor lighting offers functional purposes, for instance, traffic control and enhancing walkway safety. However, it could also transform your landscaping completely. Ensure you pick a style that complements your architectural features and landscaping and you'll how much a lighting system can enhance your yard's look instantly.

Upgrade the walkway

Adding lighting to your walkway is an excellent way of upgrading any kind of walkway. For instance, you can add more visual interest to a current walkway by including lights along the border.

A walkway is a huge part of a home's curb appeal, so it's important you give it the necessary attention. If you don't know what to do with your seemingly dull walkway, these tips are a great place to start.