Dr. Phillips Irrigation Repair and Installation

Orlando is filled with great neighborhoods, and Dr. Phillips, located in Southwest Orlando, is definitely one of them. Located right by Universal Studios, residents are just around the corner from the world of Harry Potter. Although there’s a magical place near by, Dr. Phillips residents still require outstanding lawn care to keep their landscapes looking great, and that starts with a great irrigation system. This is where we come into the picture.
Ground Source is your irrigation expert. We cover all sorts of irrigation services, from installation to sprinkler repair and everything in between. If you see you have a problem with your irrigation system, or know that your sprinklers need to be repaired, you can call Ground Source and trust that we will find the problem and fix it, quickly. 
Seeing dry spots in your lawn, or maybe just need a new irrigation system altogether? You can bet that our pros will design and install the perfect irrigation system that fits your needs, and cuts back on the cost of having to water your lawn more than you should. Our experts analyze your lawn and garden needs and fit you with the system that will give your lawn the best chance at staying green and beautiful all year long. 
All of our services include a 30 day warranty, so if something is wrong, we’ll fix it! We are fully licensed and insured and we offer the best service in the industry. If you have questions, need help, or want to set up an appointment, give us a call today at (407) 378-5366.

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