Draw in New Tenants with a Better-Looking Lawn

Commercial properties in Orlando all face various challenges but they all have one thing in common: they need to have a great looking yard. Keeping the yard in good condition is paramount to having a good rental property but what does that entail exactly? The first thing that you need to do as a landlord is, make sure that the property is appealing to those who are walking by and that can be a bit of a tall order. It all starts with the grass that you?ve laid down and how well it thrives.

Grass and Sod ? The Baseline of Your Property

A lush, green lawn is what will form the baseline of your property; it is the foundation for any other improvements that you might make to the building, so it needs to look good! The best solution is to kill off your existing lawn and lay down sod which is a task best left to seasoned professionals. Sod is a great alternative to grass seed, as it allows you to lay down a perfectly manicured lawn within a few hours as long as you have prepared the soil ahead of time. Harvested from fields shortly before installation, sod rolls are laid onto your lawn and integrated with the existing soil meaning that ultimately you won?t even be able to tell the difference between your sod and grass that was actually grown on your property. It?s a technique that has been in use for ages and one that can bring vast improvements to your lawn. One of the most important parts of landscaping, however, is irrigation which goes hand in hand with sprinkler repair. What exactly is irrigation, and why is it so important?

Sprinkler Repair ? An Absolute Necessity in Orlando

A sprinkler system can appear complicated, but overall there?s not that much to it. Lateral pipes connect the water system to the sprinkler heads and varying types of pipes reach different areas. Temperate zones like Florida almost always call for Cl 200 PVC pipe due to higher water pressures in the area. ?You may also find that polyethylene is a good choice and it is becoming more available due to the increase in marketing and the easier installation. Despite this, however, both homeowners and installation professionals alike still have some questions as to whether it will be able to stand up to the higher water pressures that are prevalent in the south. No matter which type you choose, maintenance is going to be key to keeping it running.

When water moves through the pipe or PVC tube, it begins to lose friction which results in lower water pressure when it finally reaches the sprinkler head. Keeping it at 4 PSI or higher is crucial, though in areas with a high static water pressure you will want to lower it a bit. Remember: a higher-pressure loss will cause poor uniformity and ultimately allow dry spots to form ? all of which your Orlando sprinkler repair professionals can explain for you in detail.

Here at Ground Source, we are a leader in irrigation system repair, employing only the most experienced professionals in the industry along with a team of highly qualified trainees with at least three months of experience in the sprinkler repair field.

An Even Hydration Solution

A properly orlando sprinkler installersinstalled hydration solution with enough space in between heads offers even, uniform watering for your entire lawn which gives the roots the nutrients they need while ensuring that your yard does not become overwatered which can kill your grass just as much as under watering. An essential part of sprinkler repair is making sure that there is not only uniformity but that all the sprinkler heads are functioning normally. Your irrigation system can make or break your yard, so you must ensure that it?s always in good repair!

Florida, and Orlando in particular, can be a very unforgiving place when it comes to the climate with the hottest part of the year (July) reaching temperatures of at least eighty-one degrees on average. Make sure that your yard is up to the challenge and that you?re protecting your investment with timely and effective sprinkler repair here in Orlando.