Emulating Frances Hodgson Burnett’s Secret Garden

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Secret GardenAnyone who read Frances Hodgson Burnett's classic 1911 novel The Secret Garden will know the appeal of building their own walled garden. Even if you only have a small space or limited gardening knowledge, you can create a garden that Mary Lennox would be proud to call her own. Here's how you can emulate her garden for yourself.

Create A Hidden Entrance

For a secret garden to be secret, you're going to need a door. These are perfect if you're looking to change part of your yard space into a secret garden. There are all kinds of ways you can do this, and so the limit is only your imagination. If you have two trees close together, you can put a gate between them to create a dramatic entrance. Covering the space around the door with ivy works too, as it blocks the eye from what's beyond the door, piquing interest.

Use More Natural Plantings

When using Orlando landscape plans, it is tempting to manicure your garden to make it look neat and tidy. This looks good, but it's not quite right for a secret garden. In The Secret Garden, the garden has been locked away for ten years and left to run riot. You don't have to go that far, but you want it to look more natural and lived in. Pick more loose and naturalistic plantings, to lend the area an air of romance.

Use Climbing Plants To Get That Wild Look

If you really want to emulate the look of an English country garden, climbing plants are the way to go. Around the walls or fences of your garden, plant wisteria, honeysuckle or ivy. Let them ramble across the walls, to create a lived-in feel for your garden.

Create Pathways

To lend an air of mystery to your garden, add in a pathway that you can't see the end of. The goal is to draw the viewer's eye down the path, making them curious as to what's at the end. You can do this by adding a slight curve, so it disappears behind a wall or a hedge. Using mismatched size slabs to create your path in the grass adds to that secret, old-world feel too.

Welcome Nature Into Your Garden

A large theme of The Secret Garden is nature, and several times animals are featured in the novel. You can encourage animals in your garden, too. Bees are in need of safe places to live right now, and you can help them by planting pollen-rich plants. If you want to go one step further, you can look into keeping beehives in the garden too. Encourage birds to visit by planting trees they can roost and nest in. Bird baths will be welcomed by them, too. If you plant roses, allow them to go to seed. This provides food for lots of different animals that come into your garden.

Use Objects With Meaning

Orlando landscape design companyWhen you're planning your garden, you'll want to use objects that have a special meaning to you. These can be sculptures of objects that you're close to or even something like a stone that you found on a beach. Anything that's personal to you is going to look great in your secret garden.

Don't Forget The Lighting

Lighting is both pretty and practical in your garden. Having lighting around the garden will make it safer when you're walking around if you've got pathways and steps that need to be negotiated. When you use the right lights, at night the garden will be highlighted and look as though fairy lights have been scattered around the floor. Secret lights in the plants and bushes and the garden will look amazing.

Create Your Own Secret Garden

Are you inspired? You can get started right now to create your very own secret garden in your home. Contact your local Orlando landscape design company, and get started planning the garden you've always wanted. With some trailing and climbing plants, well-placed fences, and a specially hidden door, you'll have a garden unlike anyone else's. That design company will help you plan it out and make it perfect, so get in touch today.