Enhance Your Ambiance with String Lighting

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String lights used to enhance ambience in street

I know what you're thinking: string lights are typically for the holidays. While it is common to see string lights being used as Christmas decorations, they are becoming a popular option for permanent light fixtures. Homeowners and business owners are looking to increase the ambience of their properties, and string lights are a great way to do so.

To be clear, we're not talking about string lights you find during the holidays. There are high-quality LED string lights that are designed to be used outdoors and can withstand the elements. This is particularly important, as thunderstorms and hurricanes are quite frequent in Florida. While outdoor lighting is essential to any landscaping project, if you're looking for a way to create a beautiful and relaxing atmosphere in your backyard, string lights might be the answer for you.

String lights are quite versatile and can serve many purposes. Here are a few ways that string lights can be used:

  • Patio lighting - Patio lighting is probably the most common
    way that string lightsare used,
    and for good reason. String lights over a patio can create a nice impression. Use anchor points such as a roof, a fence, or wooden posts to create different patterns of light across your outdoor space. String lights can even be used to break up your patio if you have a large area to work with.
  • Pathway lighting - String lights are an excellent way to light up a path. They can be strung up on wooden posts to aid with visibility. In addition to that, string lights can be organized in a way to create a pattern that will subtly lead people down the path to their destination.
  • Commercial lighting - String lights aren't just for residential properties. Many commercial properties use string lights as well. Whether they want to make a walkway more inviting, add a unique element to their entrance, or create a mood for a dining area, string lights can easily serve all these purposes.

As you can see, string lights are a unique and versatile way to enhance your landscape. If you're interested in string lighting or any other outdoor lighting solution, please contact us or give our lighting experts a call at 407-378-5366.