Orlando Landscape Lighting and Five Ways Bricks Can Enhance Your Back Yard

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By 7000 BC, people had discovered bricks, one of the earliest building materials. Simple bricks could be made by leaving clay mud to dry in the sun. The oldest bricks to be discovered were originally made from shaped mud and dated back to at least 7500 BC. They were found at Tell Aswad, in the upper Tigris region and in southeast Anatolia close to Diyarbakir.

Today, bricks are fairly popular around the world and are used for construction buildings, laying pavement, building walls, and adding a decorative touch to outdoor spaces.
If you are looking to redo or update your backyard or patio using bricks and landscape lighting in Orlando, you have come to the right place.

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Orlando landscape lightingWe will create that stunning backyard and patio you have always wanted! We can transform any area into a hang out space using bricks that can not only liven up your boring backyard, but it will create a comfortable, functional space where you and your family can enjoy the outdoors. Make a fire pit with laid bricks that will lighten up the area and will rekindle the flame of your yard's beauty.

Use bricks to create water features, whether it be a bubbling fountain or a goldfish pond to add beauty and tranquility. Install an in-ground pool and use bricks to make the pool deck. Create a private Eden by enclosing your backyard with a beautiful fence making the pillars with bricks.

You can enjoy that incredible backyard but only until sunset, right? Let us shed some light on your backyard dilemma. with Orlando outdoor lighting solutions, you can now enjoy your evening outside after dusk! Light up your garden paths for the full, stunning effect and nighttime illumination. The light will also accent and bring attention to outdoor water features, gardens, and beautifully manicured trees. It will illuminate your patio area for evening entertainment with friends and family and will provide lighting around a pool or hot tub for safety and mood. You will appreciate the extra security lights provide around your property.

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Servicing most of South Florida, we cover Orange County, Seminole, Lake, Osceola, and parts of Brevard, Volusia and Polk Counties. We are driven by quality and are proud to be a leading provider of landscape solutions. Our many services include sod removal, sod delivery, landscape design, landscape installation, hardscape design and installation, irrigation, and landscape lighting design and installation in Orlando, Florida.

Our staff are all Florida residents and are trained professionals, who understand the weather, landscape, and climate of the southern area. This helps them to create the best designs for your home. We go all the way and work hard to create a design using our CAD software so you can see what it will look like before making a decision. Perfection and customer satisfaction are very important to us.

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landscape lighting in OrlandoWe are passionate about the work we do for our customers and strive to make them happy in all we do. We even plan for any permitting which may be required before installing the hardscape and fixing sod and irrigation lines. We stand behind our work and offer a two-year product and workmanship warranty on all hardscape designs.

We also offer a 30-day warranty on anything we plant in your yard you can even smell and feel that our sod is fresh because it is cut the same day it is shipped to you. If for some reason your grass was not installed properly or does not maintain its integrity 30 days post-installment, we will come to fix it, entirely free of charge.

We give free estimates and consultations. You pay nothing for us to come out and have a look at your project. We are experts who are fully licensed and will cover liability on your property. Our lighting kits prices are fair and we require no money down you pay only when you are satisfied with a job well done.