Establish Your Presence with a Perfect Lawn

If you have a commercial progreat landscapeperty, it is essential that you make your presence known. One of the best ways for you to accomplish that is to make sure that you have a fantastic lawn with eye-catching hardscaping on display. Don’t make the mistake of having a lackluster lawn that doesn’t enhance the look of your business. Now, you may be wondering what elements go into the perfect lawn? What do you need to do? How far do you need to take it? While a nice patch of sod can boost your property value and draw in customers, there are other things you can add to take it over the top. Along with knowing the advantages of sod, you should know about all the other components that will make a yard stand out.

Starting with the Perfect Grass Solution

Getting your grass in Orlando right is a big part of making sure that your lawn looks great. While you could try to grow your own grass, sod really helps you reach your goals of a lush, green lawn faster. With sod installation, you won’t need to spend months waiting for grass to sprout and you can already be certain that it is in great condition health-wise. If you do choose to go the sod route, you should take care to prepare your soil and celesta grass type that is well suited to your region so that it can thrive. Our professional team can help you ready the soil and provide information on which types of grass will work best in your area. A beautiful layer of green sod is the perfect foundation for the rest of your lawn.

Hard scaping it Out

After your sod installation is complete, you should always consider hard scaping. While it might seem like an extra, expensive step, the right hardscaping helps to draw the eye and garner attention from your customers, guests, and even those passing by on the street. The concept of hardscaping can have many implications whether you are installing a fountain, retaining walls, or perhaps even a seating area for your guests. While some of these hardscaping features are just for show,others can serve more functional purposes in your yard.The extent and type of hardscaping that you choose for your property is, of course, something that you will want to discuss with us, your expert landscaping company.

Install Lighting

Every lawn takes two different forms, one during the day and another at night, and in the case of a commercial setting, it is important that you take full advantage of the difference in night landscaping. When the sod installationsun goes down, you have a unique opportunity to show off the best elements of your lawn. Don’t make the mistake of floodlighting the entire thing! Instead, focus on choosing lights that accent specific features. For example, you can light your fountain with directional bullet lighting or with well lights around the exterior. If you have a front walk,it is a good idea to light it with well lights or stick lights – whichever one best meets your needs and your preferences.

An excellent lawn represents many things. First of all, it shows that you are on top of your game, especially when it comes to presentation. Customers and clients who stop by will remember your landscaping efforts and may quickly come to associate the care you take with your landscaping with the care you take in your business. Secondly, having a great landscape is something that you can be personally proud of. A properly designed and built landscape is an absolute work of art, and it is not something to be taken lightly. If you are ready to bring your yard to the next level, now is a great time to give us a call so that we can evaluate your space and get it ready for your next set of clients.