Everything You Need to Know About Installing Sod – Grass and Fertilizer

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One of the key advantages of installing sod is its simplicity and the speed at which it can give you a beautiful and healthy lawn. Of course, installation is only the first step, and you will need to take special care to ensure that the lawn is well established and ready for decades of healthy growth.

The soil in Florida often has a high sand content, meaning that fertilization is a must! Soil that is rich in sand can quickly leach nutrients from grass, leaving you with disappointing results if you don't stay on top of fertilization needs.

The type of sod you choose is also critical.

Installing Sod in Orlando: Fertilizer Grades and Frequency for the Florida Climate

everything you need to know about sod

A high-quality fertilizer is important throughout the lifetime of your lawn.

Fertilization is usually necessary after the first month of installation. During the fall or spring months, you will need a high nitrogen formula to keep your lawn green and healthy. You should look for something with a nitrogen rating of around 16. During the rest of the year, choose a fertilizer with a nitrogen rating around 8.

You can recognize the nitrogen content from the first number on the packaging, e.g., a 16 / 8 / 8 formulations will contain 16% nitrogen, whereas an 8 / 8 / 8 formulation contains 8% nitrogen.

High-quality dry fertilizers typically provide essential nutrients for up to four months. Granules are coated in a polymer to allow a gradual release, which makes your home maintenance work much more manageable. Note that different brands of fertilizer will have different feed times, so always consult the packaging for information on the frequency of application.

If you're ever unsure about fertilizer or care of your lawn, you can talk to the experts at Ground Source to learn everything you need to know about sod for DIY or professional installation.

Choose the Right Sod to Minimize Maintenance

While fertilization is essential after the first month and throughout the life of your lawn, you can make life much easier when you know what sod is best for Orlando climate.

installing sodWhether you're installing sod yourself or having professionals like Ground Source install it for you, three of the most popular options are Zoysia, St. Augustine, and Bahia. Each of these sods is extremely well suited to the unique climate in Orlando, and they also work well with the soil in the region.

Zoysia has a rich green color, it can survive with minimal irrigation during dryer months, and it is highly durable even with frequent activity. It's the type of grass that is often used for commercial installations and even for sports parks and golf ranges. If you are looking for a highly versatile option that works great in sand or clay soils, then this type of sod may be a perfect choice. It has strong resistance to both high and low temperatures and can even withstand shade while still growing rich and full. If you're wondering what sod is best for low maintenance, this is one of the leading options.

St. Augustine grass is another popular option for Orlando, although it doesn't deal with shade as well as Zoysia. If your property is mostly open and if your lawn gets sun throughout most of the day then this could be the ideal option. It grows well in sand, making it very popular for Orlando. Although it has poor resistance to cold temperatures, it flourishes in Florida due to the relatively warm winter months compared to the rest of the country.

Bahiagrass is another option that is frequently chosen in Orlando. It is good in all soil types, including clay and sand, and can even flourish in muck soil, such as soil that includes naturally occurring compost, mud, sand, and clay. Bahia is well suited for the warmer months and will resist the colder months in Orlando. Like St. Augustine it grows poorly in shady areas so would not be optimal for a lawn with a significant amount of tree coverage.

Choose from Different Types of Sod and Get DIY Delivery or Complete Installation

Whatever type of grass you choose for installing sod, fertilization will be key to maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn. Of course, the initial installation is also critical, which is why sometimes it's best to rely on the professionals. For larger properties or if you simply don't have the time or the tools, you can trust the team at Ground Source to install different types of sod using the very best techniques.

You'll also get advice for after-care and can even use our complete landscaping service to develop the picture-perfect outdoor areas that you've always dreamed of. Talk to us today to begin your next project.