Three Fabulous Brick Patterns for Your Garden

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These days, it appears that more people are planting and planning their own gardens while incorporating bricks in their landscape design. At Orlando landscape lighting, we use bricks for garden walls and walkways to make our clients' spaces more inviting.

Bricks offer an excellent way of making a long lasting garden and have a low upkeep cost. Moreover, the material offers a weatherproof style. You'll also discover that bricks make an appealing option for adding an interesting area to landscaping projects.

Nevertheless, choosing a pattern over another can be a difficult task. Fortunately, our guide offers insight into the different kinds for your project.

1. Herringbone

Orlando landscape lightingThis design comprises bricks, which we lay at 45-degree angles in a zigzag pattern. The brick variation has a fantastic appearance and is the most stable of all patterns. With this pattern, the bricks can handle considerable weight due to the way they interlock, making them ideal for driveways.

While laying and measuring this pattern, our professionals at Orlando path lighting exercise patience and precision. This pattern has numerous angles, which can be considered energetic and can engage visitors while they make their way to your home's entrance.

This pattern attracts attention to your paver surface and the simple arrangement seems textured and intricate when laid in straight lines with regular spacing. Many of our clients choose herringbone because the classic pattern not only stands the test of time but also appears equally striking in patios and walkways.

It's one of those patterns that doesn't go out of style. After all, its practicality and beauty have transcended years. The pattern's texture is a nice attraction for the eye, particularly in huge spaces. Pavers in this pattern match extremely well with brick homes since the typical brickwork design is complementary to the diagonal lines.

You'll be glad to know that this pattern doesn't need only red bricks. We can set any rectangular paver in a crosshatch.

2. Basket Weave

This pattern has been in existence for centuries and its use is evident in the decoration of ancient European towns. The basket weave is a checkerboard-like pattern that comprises pairs of bricks. While installing this pattern, our professionals typically lay the bricks vertically and horizontally against each other, creating a visual effect of them weaving in and out.

The eye-catching pattern is attractive in entertainment or patio areas within your landscape. The pattern can have slight curves and doesn't need brick cutting. Moreover, the stylish pattern is easy to lay.

3. Running Bond

Also called the offset or subway tile, this is one of the most common and simplest brick patterns. The installment involves laying bricks end to end with staggered rows. It can hold slight curves and is a great option for patios and pathways.

It's also an excellent option for a novice bricklayer since it involves minimal cutting. We use this pattern mostly in residential landscapes.

In particular, it looks great in entertainment areas and the patio because the durable pattern can withstand considerable furniture weight and other patio essentials. We can produce variations of this pattern by following a similar layout but combining in variations.

The Advantages of Brick Pavers

There are numerous advantages of installing these pavers when compared to cobblestone, stamped concrete, or travertine pavers. Brick pavers are available in various colors, surface finishes, shapes, and laying patterns. Some of the advantages include:

Strength and Durability

Brick pavers can withstand a very high degree of loading and suit numerous kinds of landscaping applications. They'll last longer compared to poured concrete and retain their color better compared to decorated concrete.

Low maintenance

brick paversIn terms of long-term costs, this is the best option. They require minimal maintenance and have a long-standing durability. Moreover, they need minimal maintenance and you can expect them to last for generations.


Brick pavers originate from clay material and won't lose its finish or color over the long term. Therefore, the solid investment appreciates your property's value.


The most significant advantage of using this paver is that its surface is slip-resistant, decreasing the probability of accidents next to wet areas. Moreover, its textured surface has abrasive characteristics. We use the pavers in outdoor areas, the swimming pool, and pathways to ensure a high degree of security and safety.

While numerous options exist for your patio or driveway, brick paving offers various benefits in your garden. You'll discover it enhances a remarkable visual appeal and with the right pattern, you can have your desired look.