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Sprinkler Repair ? A Necessity for the Perfect Lawn

How much work have you put into your lawn recently? How important is it to you? If the answer is ?very important,? as it should be, then you need to take care of it. Laying sod is without a doubt one of the best ways for you to bring your yard to the next level as it gives you an instantly green lawn and all the benefits that come with having a full, lush green landscape. So, the big question, is how you will go about watering your new sod? What methods will you use? One of the best things you can do is to install an irrigation system, and for that, you?ll want to start searching ?Orlando sprinkler repair near me? to prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Sprinkler Repair ? A Necessity for the Perfect Lawn

What is the perfect lawn comprised of? Landscaping is crucial, obviously, but what else do you need? You obviously want the outdoor furniture, that beautiful barbecue pit and maybe even an outdoor kitchen. Turning your lawn into the ultimate outdoor entertainment area is one of the best things that you can do, but ultimately it all comes down to that fresh green lawn at the base. Sod is one of the industry?s most amazing secret weapons when it comes to quickly building a lawn. A sod lawn is essentially several rolls of turf seeded with grass and joined with your existing soil. Remember: Even though it is grass bought and purchased, it is still grass. It has all the same benefits, but it also requires the same level of care which is where sprinkler repair comes in. Orlando can be a bit of a dry place, to put it mildly. You can see proof of this all over the city with bare lawns or deficient grass lawns with brown patches here and there. While homeowners could rejuvenate these lawns with tilling and proper seeding, it is far faster to simply use a roll of sod. In fact, you can completely bring your lawn to life by using a good roll of sod and the right company to lay it down.

Benefits of Sod

Benefits of SodLet?s be honest: there are many great benefits to sod, namely the ?instant lawn? that so many people envy. That aside, what are the real benefits of having a green lawn?

  • Quieter ? Having a lush, green lawn is going to make your property quieter both inside and out as the sod will absorb virtually everything.
  • More Comfortable ? Grass produces oxygen and will help you to breathe more comfortably in your Orlando home.
  • Softer ? There is something to be said for having a fresh grass lawn. Sod is softer, and the nutrients from the grass will keep it fresh for many years to come. This creates a safe space for your children to play and ultimately a better experience for them.

Taking Care of your New Sod

Establishing your new sod is easy, but you need to learn a bit about watering it. There are several different types of irrigation systems that you can purchase, some that operate above?ground and some that carry water to the roots of your plants far below ground.

During initial installation, after your sod is correctly placed, you should proceed to water it three times per day if you are operating during the hottest days of the year. If it is cooler than eighty degrees, however, you can scale it back a little bit. Most importantly: don?t let the lawn dry out and don?t let it become completely soaked. A perfect balance of watering will help you to avoid fungus and other growth that can pose a threat to your brand-new lawn.

Call in the Professionals Today

Call in the Professionals Today

You want your yard worked on by professionals, and we have exactly what you need. Our turnkey service is comprised of individuals highly experienced in irrigation system repair here in Orlando. The experts that we employ have at least three months of real-time experience in the field, ensuring that they know precisely what they?re doing when it comes to getting your sprinkler system up and fine-tuning it to cover your entire yard. Don?t leave this to amateurs; it?s your lawn, and you should have the best.