Floratam Sod Installation & Irrigation Repair

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Over in Apopka, we installed twenty-four pallets of Floratam St. Augustine sod. Prior to beginning the job we applied Round-Up to the entire lawn that was to be replaced. After waiting until the yard was dead, we successfully removed the current sod from the entire yard.

We then performed an irrigation inspection and notified the homeowner that the 4" pop-ups, that were currently in place would not be sufficient for the needs of the new lawn. The customer elected to have us change out all of the 4" spray heads for 6" spray heads.

The new Floratam St. Augustine sod was then replaced, which took slightly over a day to complete. Upon completion, we walked the homeowner through post-care instructions, such as watering twice per day, applying an insecticide and fungicide immediately, as well as mowing instructions.

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