Flowering Trees for Bird Lovers

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Flowering trees and bushes are a wonderful addition to any landscape.? These installations create beautiful displays of color that are both visually appealing and help to break up the monotony of greenery. Even better, once those buds begin to bloom your landscape gets a sudden infusion of new life - not additional flora, but an influx of fauna (particularly bird life) - that can really enhance the pleasure and enjoyment you get from your well-designed landscape.

flowering trees and bushes

With a well-selected mix between early and late blooming trees and shrubs, you can keep your landscape looking vibrant and colorful throughout much of the year. All of those beautiful flowers will keep your landscape teaming with birds and other visitors. There are several types of trees and shrubs that are especially well suited to drawing in birds.

"Donald Wyman" Crabapple

The "Donald Wyman" crabapple is an excellent selection for homeowners looking to flesh out their landscaping and to attract more wildlife. Theses well-rounded trees average around 20 feet in height and just a bit more in girth. Their size makes them perfect for border trees or for creating divisions within a landscape.

"Donald Wyman" crabapple trees put out muted pink buds and open up into fragrant and appealing white blossoms. The berries put out by the "Donald Wyman" crabapple can last through winter. These berries can be a big draw for birds in the late winter and early spring months.

Flowering Dogwoods

Flowering dogwood trees such as the "Cherokee Chief" and Japanese flowering dogwood tree cultivars are splendid spring bloomers that are as versatile as they are beautiful. They offer not only attractive blossoms, but also stunning fall foliage. The berries produced by the dogwood trees are a favorite of a wide range of wild birds.

"Cameo" Flowering Quince Bushes

Flowering hedges can be just as much of bird draw as ornamental trees. The "Cameo" variety of flowering quince bush are compact, wide spreading bushes that are perfect for creating low lying borders or short hedges. The "Cameo" puts out twin blooms which are peach in color and can be a major attractant to insect life.

The yellow-red berries that the Cameo produces are edible and are often used in jellies and preserves. Of course, birds find the berries of the "Cameo" just as appealing as humans and a hedge of "Cameo" flowering quince bushes can significantly increase the level of small bird activity amidst your landscape.

Using Flowering Trees and Shrubs

Ornamental trees and shrubs add a touch of beauty to any landscape. Most of these trees and shrubs have attractive foliage as well as their stunning flowers. They can provide year-round satisfaction to homeowners and are as functional as they are aesthetically appealing.

Beyond the inherent value of adding visual appeal to the landscape, these ornamental trees and shrubs can increase its appeal to local fauna as well. For the homeowner who enjoys nature and wants to promote a healthy ecosystem around the home, there is no better way to achieve this than by well used flowering trees and shrubs.