Frequent Landscaping Mistakes

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'The best way to get sure that you will manage to design a beautiful and practical landscape is, in the beginning, to learn what you should avoid. These are the main mistakes that can ruin you landscaping plan:

Not Making a Plan and a Budget

The ideal way of landscaping is to start from scratch, draw a plan for the entire yard and try as much as possible to stick to it. Decide on a theme, measure your yard and put everything on paper. Decide even where to put your plants and trees, as all these will prove very useful at a future stage. People usually think landscaping can't be very expensive, but when you start discovering all the things you can do with the space around your house, you will want it all. Landscaping is expensive if you want to do it right and one of the most expensive parts is the labor cost, respectively the people that will help you build your project, from the architect to the builders, if you don't want to it entirely alone.

frequent landscaping mistakes

Lack of Season Adjusting

If you invest your money in landscaping your house, than you will also want to enjoy it all year-round. It's true that spring and summer are usually the most important seasons for staying out and enjoying the house surroundings, but your yard should receive some attention also for autumn and winter. Your home shouldn't miss out the beautiful autumn colors and you should select plants that look good both in winter and in spring, if possible.

Excessive Ornamentation or Mismatches

Never over-decorate your front yard! Keep it as simple as possible. Any ornament you use should blend into the entire projects design and materials. Choose the colors of your garden wisely and pick the plants so as to match with the colors of your house, but also with architecture. Don't use too many colors and, as well, try not to exaggerate with strong ones.

Irrational Irrigation

Install an automatic irrigation system and use the correct amount of water for your plants and lawn. Try to set a system also to avoid water waste.

Ignoring Light

Estimate the amount of sunshine your plants will receive for it to receive the needed light and not die. A plant that is completely dependent of sun and is planted in the shade, or a shade loving plant put in full sun will look great only for about a week. Also, take into consideration how your garden will look in the evenings, when you might want to spend some time out of the house. Maybe you would like to install in the ground some solar lights that can illuminate during evenings.