Front yard landscaping tips

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The front yard is another way of saying "Welcome to my home!", and it shapes the first impression about your house to a guest or a potential buyer. The most important thing for front landscaping is to choose a design that works well with your house. A traditional house will require a different front yard compared to a contemporary house.


The lawn is practically the basis of your creation. If you fail to have a fresh, beautiful lawn and maintain it the same (which requires some attention), everything else can be also considered a failure. Although a healthy green lawn may not stand out to the casual onlooker, a brown unhealthy lawn will.

Plants and Trees

You can give a friendly look to your front yard by putting some plants and trees. Flowerbeds are great and simple ways to accent your front yard and front porch. They can also be used to underline the sidewalk or the pathway to the door and they look lovely on the porch. Add the trees according to the structure of your house and try not to put too big ones. Fruit trees can a wonderful idea, as they look great when they blossom. Don't try to save money on trees, as they are a long-term investment.

Sideways and driveways

Even though you wouldn't think so, sideways and driveways leave some room for imagination. Use curves for your sideways and driveways where possible and make a research on the type of materials you can use. They can bring a significant contribution to the entire design. Put some solar lights in the ground to light the way during evenings and always keep them clean and repaired.

Buildings: Porches and Water Features

If you are ok with the idea of having a porch, then consider also enhancing its beauty with some potted plants. You can also make your porch more comfortable by adding benches, tables or other accessories. If you can and if they go well with the rest of your property, you can also put some climbing vines.

Be careful with water features. For fountains, ponds or waterfall you have to try to be as discrete as possible. If you are not sure they could make your front yard look better, leave these for the backyard, where it's safer.

The entire structure of your front yard should be planned according to one simple advice: keep it simple and clean. If the back yard allows some space for creativity and you can mix some different elements, the front yard is the place where your guests are going to be before entering your house. Apart from creating the first impression, no guest will want to feel like in a labyrinth before finding your door.