Green Mowing for a Greener Lawn

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Mowing is something that almost every one of us does. For some of us to mow a lawn is an onerous chore that we do simply because it has to be done. For others of us it is a part of caring for the lawn that we take pride in and which brings us a great deal of satisfaction. Regardless of which class you fall in, chances are you use a gasoline powered lawn mower. We provide with tips on how to mow a lawn.

how to mow a lawn


Many of us never stop to think about the pollution we create each time we cut our grass. Small engines have a much higher pollution to fuel use ration than larger engines. In fact, one Swedish study conducted in 2001 claimed that an hour of mowing with an old mower could equal the pollution created by a 100 mile car ride. Mowers simply don't use fuel efficiently and create a disproportionately large amount of pollution. However, there are alternatives for the eco-friendly lawn enthusiast.

The Electric Mower

As the push to find better ways to power our lives becomes even stronger, there has been a lot of research into advancing the use of electric motors. Ground Source has seen this practice expanded into the realm of automotives in the increasingly popular hybrid cars. There are also a number of electric lawn mowers on the market, available for environmentally conscious homeowners looking for a better way to maintain their lawns.

The best part about electric mowers (other than their low environmental impact, of course) is their price. Many models are going for under $200, which makes them very competitive with their gas guzzling cousins. Of course, the grass isn't always greener on the "green" side of the fence. The drawback to the electric mower, of course, is the electric cord. Many may find the need to unwind and haul around (and avoid mowing over) an electric cord more hassle than it's worth. Also, electricity may result in a cleaner mower, but there is still pollution generated by the power plant providing the juice.

The Solar Solution

Solar powered mowers answer all of the downfalls of electric and gas mowers. They don't pollute, they don't need a cord, they won't raise your power bill and don't rely on a pollution spewing power plant. However, solar powered mowers don't come cheap. A basic solar powered mower can cost in the area of $800. Of course, if you have cash to burn, you might consider the Husqvarna solar powered auto-mower which not only mows without polluting, it mows without need for you to even be present. This ultra-convenience can be yours for around $2500.

The Reel Deal

For those who don't mind putting a little bit of good old fashioned elbow grease into their lawn maintenance, there still hasn't been any lawn mowing device that has surpassed the old-time push reel mower for sheer efficiency and environmental friendliness. Many consumers may be shocked to find that this type of mower is still in production, but they can still be purchased at a number of retailers from Ace Hardware to Target. No gas, no cords, no hefty price tag. All a reel mower requires is 3 meals a day, 8 hours of sleep and a strong back.