Irrigation Systems: Repair and Maintenance

In Florida, your lawn has unique needs when it comes to water. A good irrigation system will help you keep it hydrated and in good condition, no matter what. If you’re having problems with your lawn, you may need to inspect your irrigation system. Here’s what you should be looking for, and how you can […]

What Sod is Best for Your Home in Orlando?

There’s nothing quite like a beautifully manicured lawn when you want your home to stand out, but you’ll need to know what sod is best for your climate before you get started. People with the perfect lawns have either spent a painstaking amount of time growing it from seeds, or, they’ve gone the more efficient […]

Better Sprinklers for Better Lawns: Orlando Sprinkler Installation

If you’ve ever noticed that some houses seem to have better lawns than everyone else on the street, it’s probably because the owners have invested in Orlando sprinkler installation. Although Florida experiences high levels of humidity and regular rain throughout half of the year, the relatively high temperatures can sometimes cause damage to your lawn. […]