Hardscapes, The Right Choice For Your yard

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Landscape typically refers to the living elements of your yard which include the gardens, and trees. On the other hand, hardscapes are the non living hard surface elements of a yard which can include rock walls, concrete sitting and bbq areas, and stone pathways through the yard. A great landscape designer will incorporate both elements when designing your yard because there are many benefits of having hardscaping which include:

  • Hardscapes can not only add significant value to your yard but also can create elements of depth and dimension so that you can have the appeal and functionality that you want. They can make a yard look larger at times, and provide more functionality such as having the perfect area to lay out and read a book.
  • A benefit that is often overlooked is the privacy. It can become difficult to properly enjoy your yard when you can be seen by your neighbors and have no privacy. Elements like walls can not only add beauty but can also maximize the use of your exterior space
  • Hardscapes can also increase the accessibility of a yard. Pathways can create an easy way to explore and walk a yard and allows you and others to enjoy and see every aspect of your perfectly designed landscape. Rather than admiring from one angle, or from afar, a walkway made of stone gives a visually appealing way to walk a yard and see it from every angle.
  • Unlike the living elements of your landscape, hardscapes require very little to no regular maintenance. Mowing the lawn and fertilizing can be time intensive, and having a well designed hardscape can lower the maintenance of the yard, while still increasing its beauty.

To design a beautiful yard in Central Florida, you should have a great landscape designer who can also work with hardscapes. We at Ground Source are experts in both and would love to combine our experience with your yard to increase your curb appeal, and even the value of your home.