Harvest the Rain Using a Rain Barrel

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Rain BarrelIn the eco-centric 21st century, homeowners around the country are making use of a new, simple water harvesting method: the rain barrel. By merely putting a sizable container beneath your downspout for collection during a rainstorm, the concept is straightforward enough.

With dozens of companies taking advantage of this home gardening phenomenon, you can get your pick of a useful and eye-catching installation. Water conservation experts have found that anywhere between 1,200 and 1,500 gallons of water can be saved each summer through use of rainwater harvesting. With midday showers during Florida summers, imagine how much more water can be saved!

Orange County Utilities Water Division loves the concept of the rain barrel, and even has barrel clinics three times a year. Their website at OCConserveWater.net has included a Video About Rain Barrels and a tutorial on how to make your own: How To Make A Rain Barrel