How Brick Pathways Make You Look Like You Have a Green Thumb

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Growing a garden is one of the most rewarding experiences you can partake in when the seasons are rolling through and enjoy the fruits of your labor, literally in some cases. Whether you're the type who prefers to grow flowers, vegetables, or a mixture of the two enhancing the appearance of your garden is always a good idea. Orlando landscape lighting is an excellent way to bring attention to key components of your front and backyard but what other ways can you guide people around these areas of your home? You may be surprised to learn a brick pathway can improve the appearance of having a green thumb.

Guide The Eyes And the Path

Orlando lightingOur Orlando lighting kits give people a great starting point when they want to improve the appearance of their front and backyards, but especially the garden. Gardens carry a special significance since they only thrive if the people caring for them put in the time and energy to maintain them. Hundreds of hours are poured into ensuring certain plants can go together, getting rid of pests, keeping an eye on the weather, and always staying one step ahead of mother nature if at all possible. It's a time consuming hobby that many people take pride in and there are countless examples of people who have gardens that are just bursting with life.

Showing off such hard work does take a bit of time and skill too and brick pathways can be a great addition to any garden. Lighting can play a big role like place them strategically around a flower bed to guide the eye so it lingers on each individual plant. Brick pathways work in a similar fashion, but instead, they lay out a path for people to follow.

Orlando path lighting is an option for people who want to bring their pathway alive when the black blanket of night falls. The type of brick path you choose depends on your needs, but most people go with a footpath. One of the easiest paths to make are ones with a sand foundation since it's easy to set the bricks down and they hold up well overtime. These types of paths are not meant for vehicles to drive over since they're usually narrow and meant only for foot traffic. When a brick or stone goes out of place it takes only a few minutes to reset it so the path is looking good as new again.

What Are the Benefits of a Sand Foundation for a Brick Path?

Orlando light led pathsOrlando light led paths is a great option to let people take a tour of your garden and to see all the hard work you've put into maintaining it. One of the benefits of a sand foundation path is they can be done by a novice and you can use stones or bricks depending on your preferences. You only need a few hand tools, a wheelbarrow, a shovel, and time to complete the project. Depending on the scope of your project you could be looking at completing it within a few weekends, but if you have other people willing to help you can expect the project to get done faster.

Brick paths like this one are easy to set and it's easy to add a little bit of character to them by adding lights along the path so people can find their way easily. Adding in a bench gives people an opportunity to sit down and take in the atmosphere of the greenery around them. These types of paths are simple to maintain, though you will have to keep an eye out for weeds growing in through the cracks. If you're aiming for a character with your path you can encourage moss to grow in between the cracks of the bricks to give it a nice, natural addition to your garden.