How to Conduct Thorough Sprinkler Checkups

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Seasonal sprinkler maintenance is the key to keeping your lawn healthy, and your wallet fat. For the best results, establish a routine sprinkler checkup to ensure that your system is up to par. Take 15 minutes leading into a new season and run through your sprinkler checkup checklist. Here are a few steps you may want to add to your routine to avoid sprinkler system repair.

Check Your Controller sprinkler system repair

The controller is #1, mission control, and home base. Make sure that your controller is securely connected to power, and that it is free of moisture and mold. You will have to take extra precaution if your controller resides outdoors. It does not have to be pristine, but taking a minute or two to remove and dirt and grime off of your controller could go a long way. Finally, either replace, or test, the backup battery located in your controller. You will want this battery full in the event of a power outage.

Adjust Timers and Zones for Each Season

You will definitely want to make sure your timers are adjusted properly for each season, especially if your town or county imposes seasonal water usage regulations. Ensuring that your timers are set for the regulated times could save you from facing a harsh county fine. Setting your timers also helps to optimize the time you are watering your lawn. You might be able to water your lawn at noon during the winter, but during the summer the effort would be futile.

Check for Broken or Malfunctioning Heads

Broken sprinkler heads can set you back a few bucks if they are not repaired in a timely fashion. Potentially even more devastating is the damage they can do to your lawn. If a broken sprinkler head is watering too little, or more likely too much, your lawn quality could suffer. Broken sprinkler heads are typically a quick repair for any irrigation specialist, and worth the few extra bucks.

Sprinkler Line Observation

Sometimes a sprinkler line will break, due to the elements or age, and you will know immediately that something is wrong. Other times you might begin to slowly notice that the ground in certain areas is more wet and mushy than other zones. If this is the case there is a chance that the underground sprinkler line has busted. If you suspect this is the case you should call your local irrigation expert immediately. Here are some more symptoms of a broken sprinkler line.

By conducting the above routine a few times a year, you will at the very least have a good awareness of your sprinkler system. It will also likely save you some money in the long run on water consumption, fines, and hardware. Let Ground Source know if you would like us to come out and give you sprinkler system a checkup.

If you should detect a fault in your system, and want a professional set of eyes on it, call Ground Source at (407) 378-5366. We specialize in Orlando sprinkler installation, sprinkler repair, and installation.