How do I know when I need to replace my sod?

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When considering the prime time to do a complete overhaul of your lawn, it's very rare that you'll wake up one Saturday morning and decide to replace all of your sod. It requires a bit of time and preparation, and having the proper knowledge of what is the cause behind your sod problems. You'll recognize some of the problem areas in your lawn over a few weeks, and you can prevent having to re-sod the whole lawn by just taking care of the smaller problem areas.

Your lawn may have some brown spots of dead grass for various reasons, such as:

  • Constant foot traffic
  • Pets
  • Weeds
  • Insects
  • The elements
  • Lack of water

If your lawn is infested by insects or disease, it's harmful to your lawn to mow it because the diseased clippings can harm the rest of the healthy grass if it has not been infected yet. If you suspect that your lawn has been invaded by pests, it's best to consult a professional so that they can properly diagnose and take care of your problem.

For the rest of the cases of lawn deterioration, if it's a small patch of dead grass, you can easily tear it out and replace it with new sod with few complications. This involves buying new sod seeds and taking proper care of them until they sprout new grass, and then keeping up with the maintenance for a healthy lawn. This will not take care of the situation if you just pour a bag of sod down and not take proper care of it.

If the problem has spread so much that it has taken over your whole lawn, then it's time for a full sod replacement. You can either tackle this task on your own by tearing up the whole lawn and then applying fresh sod, or you can hire a professional to tackle the project for you. Either way, proper maintenance such as watering the newly planted sod is required by you in order for your lawn to grow back in a healthy state.

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