How Landscaping is Different in Central Florida

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No matter where you go around the country, you’ll find ways that landscapes are different. Central Florida, especially, is quite different in small areas within the region as well.

The central part of the state, including our home of Orlando and stretching west to the Tampa area, has its own landscape design challenges. To start, look at the area where your home is. Several Florida communities, including around Orlando, are built on old citrus groves. This can affect the type and condition of the soil around your home.

Along the same lines, your home could be on almost any kind of soil. Central Florida has varying types of soil from clay to sandy areas. You have to keep that in mind when you’re looking for plants. Luckily, a good landscape designer knows what kinds of plants thrive in different soils, so he can provide you a good idea of what would work in your yard.

We’re also lucky in Central Florida to have a lot of coastal areas, such as around Daytona and Melbourne, and the coast also poses some of its own landscaping challenges. The biggest challenges are the strong winds coming onshore and the high amount of salt from the ocean. You want to make sure your landscaping is both windproof and salt-proof. Also, be mindful of your irrigation along the coastline. Water near the coast might have a higher saline content, which is essentially saltwater.

Lastly, the biggest difference in landscape design in Central Florida: hurricanes. Since the threat of the summer cyclones comes every year, it’s important to find plants that are not only beautiful and compliment your home, but can handle the extremes of the elements. Palm trees, for example, thrive in tropical climates where storms like this can wreck them, but they are accustomed to these types of weather conditions.

An experienced landscape designer will know what types of plants will best thrive in these different conditions and can create a custom landscape design for your Central Florida home that will always look great. Get the right landscape design in Orlando with Ground Source, and know that it will look great no matter what.