How to Make Sure Your Grass is Always Greener

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You don't require chemical pesticides to have a beautiful lawn and it isn't as complex as you might think. When summer and spring come around, homeowners typically rush to prepare their lawns with the season's newest plant and flower trends. They even fill their flower beds and gardens with lush greens and bright colors.

While this can make a stunning lawn, any homeowner recognizes that the most significant thing is taking care of the grass. The last thing you want is to have dead grass surrounding your attractive flowerbed.

Fortunately, sod installation in Orlando can make all the difference. If you're seeking greener grass, consider these tips.


Orlando lawn careWhile sod is more costly than grass seed, the rolls of the pre-grown grass offer advantages that frequently outweigh the added expense. Whether you choose Orlando seed delivery or grass seed, appropriate ground preparation is essential.

You'll discover the major benefits of sod once we install it. The major benefit you can expect from sod is an instant lawn. Sod will typically turn a bare ground patch into a grass-covered lawn the minute we finish installing it.

We ensure you obtain the immediate satisfaction of a green yard. Bear in mind that a seeded lawn needs numerous weeks before your grass grows in. Moreover, this type of lawn is frequently straw-covered, leaving your yard looking unappealing. If you lack the patience to wait for a seeded lawn to grow, simply contact us for sod installation.

Lawn Aeration

Aeration encourages oxygen flow and healthy grass development. If you've never aerated your lawn or if you discover it faces considerable foot traffic, this is the time. Aeration comprises poking holes in the soil or eliminating soil plugs.

You can buy lawn aerators and aerator shoes to help with this issue. Most often overlook aeration yet it's a vital element of soil maintenance. It helps compacted soil absorb more air and enables the penetration of water and other nutrients into the root zone for grass to flourish.

Moreover, soil microbes will appear on the surface to help break down thatch that could accumulate on your lawn. We recommend you conduct aeration between mid-September and late October.


Lawn fertilization gives your lawn the essential soil nutrients to grow a lush lawn. Once you cut the grass, use the suitable fertilizer for your type of grass and spread the suitable amount evenly. However, you need to test your soil first by purchasing a test kit. These kits gauge the soil pH as well as the nitrogen and phosphorus levels.

If your soil lacks a vital element, your grass will never be as green as you want it to. After testing the soil, you can establish the type of nutrients you can add to the soil.

Fertilizers are excellent for this since they provide a slow nutrient release over time, constantly feeding the grass and helping enhance your lawn's appearance. Once you identify what's missing, you can apply the necessary fertilizer to fix the issue.

Watering the Lawn

Orlando lawn careYou have to water your lawn constantly to promote green growth. We recommend you water the lawn early in the morning because it's less likely to be hot and the wind is typically lower during this time of the day.

Don't water when it's windy because your grass could dry out before the water gets the opportunity to penetrate into the soil. You want to water the lawn enough for the water to penetrate the soil approximately six inches and this should occur regularly, particularly during the hottest months of the year.

Proper Mowing

If you desire healthy grass, the mower blade can't be too low. Numerous people want to mow their grass as low as possible to reduce the frequency of mowing but the truth is that attempting to cut corners will only result in the unhealthy grass.

We recommend you cut the lawn more often and leave it long. The ideal setting for the blade will leave the grass at least three inches and you shouldn't cut off more than 1/3 of the height of the blade immediately. If you can follow simple rules, you'll ensure deep root development and make the lawn more resistant to pests, drought, disease, and weeds.

With these tips, you'll have a lawn you've always desired. Don't wait for summer to begin lawn preparation. Whatever your lawn care requirements are, you can simply call our professionals.