How to Make Your Own Landscaping Project

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DIY Landscaping projectsThe resources for home landscaping are numerous, so your task is not to find possibilities but prioritize and decide how do you want your home to look like and what you need for that.

First of all, create a landscaping wish list. Ask your family members what they would like to have around the house and put everything on paper.

Types of gardens, a brick patio or wooden deck, a hedge, a swimming pool, a private retreat, a lawn where you can play, an outdoor barbecue practically, everything that comes into your mind.

After you finish doing this, you can start measuring your space. You can usually get a plat map or site survey of your property from either your builder, developer, or at your local county records office. Determine your budget for landscaping and add the structures your property should have after this entire process. Make an analysis of your property, decide on the theme you want, check the neighbor's property and see what you like and dislike and start designing. First make a rough sketch, taking into consideration the space, the light and shades and what can't be removed from its space. Take a walk through your yard and imagine how can you build the paths to get to different areas like pool, gardens, house, play areas, retreat space, etc. Put them on paper, taking into consideration that it's better to have curved paths as they add a sense of motion and naturally integrates into the landscape.

After you make this sketch, start drawing the master plan. Decide on the type of plants and trees you want, measure everything again to find out the exact dimensions, and start checking costs and availability. At this stage, most probably you will have to redesign some parts as some structures might be too expensive to build or to maintain, but it's all part of the process so don't get disappointed. Don't forget to call your local governing body and ask for permits and start building and planting!