The Importance of Proper Lawn Irrigation

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Lawn maintenance isn't an exciting subject for most people since for many it can seem silly to stress over the proper irrigation for grass. There is plenty that goes into keeping a lawn green and neatly trimmed not everyone understands and depending on the area you live in presents its own challenges. Due to the unique nature of Florida landscapes and its climates, soil conditions will vary greatly from area to area, the type of irrigation used may change.

We do offer Orlando sprinkler repair for people who already have an irrigation system in place and aren't looking to replace it anytime soon. We also do installations for people who are looking to improve the landscape around their home and are more than happy to step in to help you get started on having a green lawn.

What is the Appeal of a Green Lawn with Orlando Sprinkler Repair?

Lawn IrrigationThe term curb appeal may not be familiar to everyone, but it's one of the reasons why we offer Orlando sprinkler installation for people who want to make use of emerald green grass. Curb appeal can be a blanket term for making a house appear nice when viewed from the curb like planting flowers by the front door, applying a fresh coat of paint to the mailbox, and doing general maintenance to make everything appear nice.

Lawns are one of the biggest indicators of curb appeal many people spend time and energy maintaining them to make their homes appear nice. Maintaining a beautiful lawn can be a boost towards increasing real estate in the area, drawing in potential buyers when selling a home, and other benefits. Our Orlando sprinkler installers are experienced in figuring out the right choices for helping your lawn to look its best and ensuring the right irrigation system is installed to increase its chances of success.

Too Little or Too Much Water for Orlando Sprinkler Repair?

Our Orlando sprinkler installation is dependent upon several factors that will determine the best type of irrigation for your lawn. The first being the type of soil and terrain we'll have to work with so you can get the most out of the area you're living in. We also have to take a look at the types of plants and sod that has been growing in the area, water pressure, and the ideal layout so you can enjoy a beautiful green lawn.

Orlando Sprinkler RepairThe ideal sprinkler system should be able to keep your lawn properly watered, but not over water it to the point where you're having to mow the lawn twice a week. To little water and the grass will start to turn brown and it can end up dying, so getting the irrigation system right the first time is important.

There's also the fact you don't want the irrigation system to be running when it's raining since it's a waste of water. There are systems that are able to sense when it's about to rain so they won't run that day, making it easier to save water. Other factors we look into for Orlando sprinkler installation is how much sun or shade the lawn will have since this will affect how the lawn turns out.

The ideal watering schedule for most lawns is twice a week and most sprinkling systems are on a timer. These two-day watering schedules are the best for most lawns even during the hottest weeks so it's easier to keep the grass watered. This will keep your lawn from turning brown even during the hottest months of the year, but still maintain it's beautiful green color.

We have experience with many irrigation systems and we understand when people need their needs filled for keeping their lawn alive. Feel free to contact us anytime and tell us your irrigation needs so we can get started on making your lawn the best it could be.