Irrigation is Like Breathing to Plants

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Irrigation is like drinking to humans. Growing a garden without irrigation isn't growing one at all. It's actually leaving your plants to dry up from the heat. Unless rainstorms can shower your garden every morning, the weather is not reliable enough to keep your garden alive.

One of the most important things to consider when aspiring to start and maintain a garden, vegetable patch or flower bed, is to know how you're going to keep them alive. Irrigation should be one of the strong suits of any gardener.

One thing to remember is being ambitious with your garden might not always be good. The bigger your garden is, the more expensive it is to maintain with water, plus your fertilizers and all.

So how do you move water to your garden? Well, you can do it the old fashioned way, like carrying water from a pail and refilling it every time. But we've progressed a long way from that and now we use hoses, or pipes and sprinklers. In fact, you can even have your sprinkler system computerized so you can water your garden while you're sleeping or when away from your home.

There are things to consider and questions to ask when planning a garden. Do you have a water source, like a well, a water tank to tap into? If not, you need one. Most irrigation devices use pumps. So it's best to get a quote from a landscape architect or gardener at the very least.

Most irrigation pipes are placed before your lawn is constructed. Not everyone get too lucky. Sometimes people move into old homes, where plants and trees are already a part of the picture. But there’s not much to worry about.

For as long as you have a plan for a mainline, which is the main pipe that will run through your garden, and where all the other pipes will spring out from to water your garden. Calculate how many stations you'll need to put sprinklers on. Divide your garden into parts and see how many can fit.

There are a lot of types of sprinklers so it's best to choose the ones right for your garden. Then seal the deal with an automatic controller. Now you're ready to be the responsible gardener that you truly are.