Irrigation Systems: Repair and Maintenance

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In Florida, your lawn has unique needs when it comes to water. A good irrigation system will help you keep it hydrated and in good condition, no matter what. If you're having problems with your lawn, you may need to inspect your irrigation system. Here's what you should be looking for, and how you can maintain your system for the best results.

Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Repair

Orlando sprinkler repair companyYou had your irrigation system installed a while ago, and now it's showing signs of wear and tear. Sometimes things go wrong, and repairs need to be made. Here are some signs that you'll need to call an Orlando sprinkler repair company.

  • The water pressure has changed: If there isn't enough water pressure or there are irregularities in the pressure, your lawn won't get the water it needs. Turn on the system and look to see if the pressure is correct. If not, this is a sign there could be a leak somewhere in the system.
  • The sprinklers aren't spraying the correct area: If your sprinklers are going off target, it could simply be that the water pressure is incorrect. Try adjusting the water pressure to see if that fixes it. If not, it could be that there is damage to the sprinkler heads.
  • Soaked area of the lawn: Is there a spot in your lawn that's soaked in water? In some cases, this could mean that there's a leak nearby.
  • Greener and yellow parts of the lawn: Ideally, your irrigation system should be spraying the entire lawn with the right amount of water. If you see some patches that are greener or some that are yellow, that means the sprinkler heads aren't spraying water evenly.
  • Your water bills are higher than normal: No one likes higher bills, but in this case, there may be a reason for it. If you notice a jump in your water bill, you may have a leak somewhere in the system.

How to Maintain Your Irrigation System

If you want to avoid these issues happening with your lawn, you'll need to maintain your irrigation system often to ensure that there are no major problems with it. Here's how you can guarantee your irrigation system is in top condition.

First, as described above, you should turn on your system and look for issues. Is the water pressure too low? Are the sprinklers spraying where they ought to be? These can be signals that there's a leak or sprinkler head damage.

Check the time and date on the system. Is it correct? With Daylights Savings, it can be easy to forget to change it, meaning that your lawn gets watered at the wrong time.

Additionally, you'll want to check the connections on the wiring, to make sure they're all still fully connected. The wind, rain and soil moisture sensors need to be in good shape.

Next, replace the backup battery and check the schedule, as your lawn's needs will change due to the weather and the seasons.

How to Fine Tune Your System

Irrigation SystemsIf there are no significant issues with your system, you won't need to call on an Orlando sprinkler system repair company. However, there are ways you can fine-tune your irrigation system to ensure that it stays in top shape:

  • Install a rain sensor, if you don't already have one. This will shut off the system when the weather is wet and avoiding overwatering.
  • Keep on top of weeds. They can suck up to 40% of the moisture out of your yard, taking it away from the lawn and plants that need it most.
  • Try using mulch in your flower beds, to keep more moisture in.
  • Water early in the morning or late at night, to reduce evaporation and get the most from your system.

If you keep a close eye on your irrigation system, you'll be able to stop any issues right in their tracks. Check for possible problems regularly and maintain your system to keep it watering your lawn properly. Using these tips, you'll find it easy to keep your yard in top condition.