Lake Mary Landscape Design Professionals

The city of Lake Mary is known for its big beautiful homes, and those homes are highlighted by their landscaping. If you?re thinking about getting your home in?Lake Mary a landscape design, don?t think a few weekends watching some design TV shows can do the trick. You?ll just end up with stress, struggles, and sunburns. And the worst part: your yard may not have the look the way you want it to or your plants and grass may not make it if they were improperly installed. That?s no good for a Lake Mary yard or any yard for that matter.

Don?t break your back on your?Lake Mary landscape design?only to have nothing to show for it. At Ground Source, we are professionals who create beautiful landscape designs that definitely turn heads. In fact, many Ground Source customers find their yards receiving accolades from the community. We take the time to discuss what you want for your yard, we create a plan of action, and then we come in and install all of the landscaping in your Lake Mary yard for you. No sore backs or dirty knees for you; just a beautiful new landscape design that you would be proud to enjoy your time in.

Call Ground Source at (407) 378-5366 to schedule your consultation with your landscape designer and create the beautiful yard you?ve always wanted.



We also provide the best in?sod installation and removal?and?irrigation repair?for your Lake Mary home.