Family Friendly Landscape Design

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Family Friendly Landscape Design Ideas

Here at Ground Source, we've got lots of team members who have families. And we have to say, there's nothing more exciting or relaxing than spending a day outside with the family. So we want to give you some ideas of what you might want in a landscape design to make it more family friendly for kids, parents, cousins, and even in-laws.

Family Friendly Landscape Design

  • Play areas: If you have young kids, you definitely need places for them to be able to run, jump, and occasionally roll in a safe way. The trick to picking which area in your yard for the kids is to find the place that's the easiest to monitor and also has good drainage. You might not think of drainage as being an issue, but with the rain we get in Orlando, you don't want the spot to be wet and mucky for too long. You'll want some good soft grass that's easy to maintain in that area as well, perfect for games and toys. No hard surfaces like stone or concrete.

  • Child-friendly plants: Believe it or not, yes, you can get plants that are deemed child-friendly. These are plants that are low-growing so they don't obscure your ability to watch your kids, and non-toxic so they don't create health crises if accidentally ingested. A professional landscape designer will be able to help you pick out plants, shrubs, and flowers that match both of those criteria so your kids can enjoy a fun time without you fearing not seeing them or them getting sick.

  • Organic Lawn Care: While this service is best offered by our sister company, it doesn't make it any less important in a family friendly landscape. It's important your yard remains maintained and weeds are handled in a safe way so that your kids or other family members end up with health issues from those chemicals.

These are a few of the ideas to consider when putting together a family friendly landscape design. When you meet with a landscape designer, it's also a good idea to discuss other add-ons that you'll have in your yard, such as pools, playgrounds, sandboxes, and so on. While we may not do pools or playgrounds, we certainly take those into account when planning your landscape design. No matter what you envision in your backyard, we can create the right landscape design for you and your family.