Landscaping Myths

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With all of the information and handy tips out there on landscaping and curating a beautiful lawn, there are bound to be some fallacies. It can be difficult to sort through constructive landscaping tips and those that might harm your lawn. We're going to dispel some landscaping myths that you may have heard, so you can keep your lawn happy and healthy.

1. If I water my lawn in the evening, I will conserve water?

Watering your lawn after the sun goes down means that water is going to sit on top of it, allowing fungus and disease to begin to develop. Most homeowners have a tendency to over-water their yards as it is, but when you water your lawn at night, the sun cannot start evaporating excess water that was not absorbed until several hours later. If bacteria and fungi are able to spread throughout a lawn it can lead to major lawn problems. Overwatering can cause grass stress and, potentially, root rot. If the disease and fungus does spread throughout the lawn, it could even lead to having to rip out and replace the whole lawn. The best time of day to water your lawn is early in the morning. Doing so minimizes water loss through evaporation (which would happen during the day) and also allows the sun to dry out the leaves during the day. The best way to conserve water is to ensure you're not overwatering your lawn when you water it in the early morning. Most lawns only require a .5 - 1 of water per week to stay healthy.

2. I have to cut my grass less when I mow it shorter?

Cutting your lawn too short can leave your lawn vulnerable to damage from heat, drought, and weeds. On the other hand, letting your lawn grow too long can lead to insects and other unwanted animals making home in your yard. Rather than trying to save time by cutting the lawn short, it is better to just mow your lawn regularly, without having to cut it too short, so that your grass grows in lush and green and doesn't have any issues with animals or with diseases.

3. I don't need professional landscaping services?

Many individuals look at landscaping as a DIY project they can tackle and complete in as little as a weekend. While it is easy to mow your own lawn, other landscaping techniques require the expertise that a lawn care professional has. Hiring a landscaping professional can turn your yard into a beautiful paradise to come home to after a long day. Hiring a professional landscaper can also save you a lot of time, as well as money. If you chose to do a DIY landscaping project, you would likely have to buy several supplies to accomplish the job. Ground Source has all of the necessary expertise and equipment to make your lawn beautiful again.


4. There is no such thing as bad landscaping?

This is where a lot of mistakes can be made. A common landscaping mistake is planting trees and shrubbery too close to the home. A tree planted too close to the home can allow pests to get into your home through the roof or attic space. A tree too close to the roof of a home can obstruct ventilation from the roof. A problem that is seen often in Florida, however, is trees that cause extensive damage to homes and cars after a storm. Also, if hedges are too close to the home, it can lead to mold and rot growing because of moisture that might get trapped within the siding of your home. Hiring a professional landscaper can help avoid these problems before they occur.


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